Huge Steal on Shorts at Guess

Last week I was in Louisiana and managed to swing over to a Guess Outlet just a few hours before I had to catch my flight. Well let’s just say I was happy I left some extra room in my suitcase just in case because I ended up needing it after what I found at Guess!

Pretty much all of the shorts in the store were only $15! Yes, you are reading that right $15 dollars! Not $51 which is about what most of them would have cost if I would have paid full price!

I got 9 pair.

I know 9 pair of shorts at one time sounds like a lot but I needed them!

Really I do tho, most of the shorts I have in my closet don’t fit any more. Plus a lot of these new ones are longer and have cute prints and will be great for when I start covering Steeler camp in a few weeks on those HOT HOT HOT days!

Full Price = $450

What I paid = $135 + High Louisiana clothing tax!! Grrr…I could have got another pair of shorts with that $15 dollar tax! (Just another plus of living in PA)

This was just one of those great deals that I had to take advantage of and was a fabulous way to restock my closet with new shorts from one of my all-time favorite brands!

XOXO — Abbey

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