Bald is Beautiful

I recently stumbled upon a blog that a 2012 MP graduate started. Her name is Tiffany Rimlinger. She survived cancer. She is beautiful with or without hair. She is an inspiration and you should check out her blog. Everybody knows somebody with cancer so everyone can relate. She made this blog to help people get through it. She is a survivor and she knows how to handle everything that comes along with cancer and I believe she can inspire you!

Tiffany is also one of the first cancer patients that I gave a few hats to through my organization Hoops for Hats. It started as my senior project back in 2008 but has become so much more. Basically I created it with the purpose of bringing a smile to a kid’s face who is battling cancer by just giving he or she some hats because most patients lose there hair due to chemo. Also the hoops part is the way I raised the money to buy hats and a toy chest for Children’s Hospital Oncology Ward in Pittsburgh.  I held a basketball camp and asked the kids who participated to bring new hats to donate and also a lot of local businesses donated as well. To learn more about Hoops for Hats click here.

I have been meaning to spread the word that I am back from college and really want to get things running with Hoops for Hats again. While away at school I did ship off hats to kids across the country but I never had a chance to tie in the basketball aspect as well because of my schedule at college. But that is going to change NOW! I am not prepared just yet to hold a basketball camp this summer but in the meantime while I plan for one in the near future I am putting it out there that I will give basketball lessons in exchange for hats or other donations for Hoops for Hats!

If you are interested in lessons or would just like to donate or know somebody who could use a few hats please E-mail me at 

Don’t forget to visit Tiffany’s blog Being Bald is…Beautiful!

XOXO — Abbey

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