Back to School Extreme Deals at Staples

There are more great deals at Staples this week for back to school supplies! My shopping cart included printer paper, 200 paper clips, 10 folders and 6 packs of pocket tissues for less than $1.50! Here is the breakdown:

Staples® standard paper clips, 100/pack1¢ each, with $5 minimum purchase

Reg. price $1.99 – $2.99 (Limit 2)

2-pocket paper folder, assorted colors – fasteners

1¢ each, with $5 minimum purchase

Reg. price 20¢ (Limit 10)

Home Select pocket tissues

1¢ each, with $5 minimum purchase

Reg. price 49¢ (Limit 6)

Staples ® 8.5″ x 11″ multipurpose paper, 500 sheets

$6.99 – $5.99 easy rebate = $1 (Limit 2 per household)

Check Staples Weekly Ad for more deals but I just posted the ones that I picked up for about $1.20! And remember to change the store location to your local store because the ad could be different depending on the location! Also to qualify for the penny deals every week you have to spend a minimum of $5! But there is usually an easy rebate that will cover the $5 minimum making your purchase basically FREE!

Even if you are not interested in all of these deals you should still pick them up if you live near a Staples because you can DONATE them to someone who needs them for back to school! Many Staples locations even have a drop off donation box for a local Boys and Girls Club organization.

Back to school shopping can be really expensive for a lot of families so that is why I am going to go every week to Staples and take advantage of these deals so I can put together a back to school package for a few kids in my community who could use the help! If you don’t personally know somebody who could use the help ask around your community because a lot of churches have back to school donation programs to help local families! And plus it will cost you nearly nothing to do this and you can help others along the way!

XOXO — Abbey

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