Buy 1 get 1 50% off Clearance Items at Gabriel Brothers

I LOVE GABRIEL BROTHERS. Hands down my favorite place to shop.

I am lucky enough to live in an area where Gabes are located and even better there are 3 within a half hour from my house! Anytime I’m remotely close to one I just have to stop — just to look.

I have posted some items on my blog before that I found at Gabes but this week I made one of my greatest Gabes shopping trips of all time. I was so excited when I walked in and started noticing red signs on certain racks that said Summer Clearance buy 1 get 1 50% off clearance items!

Clearance items! Everything on clearance is basically $10 or less already and then you can get every other item half off! I don’t remember ever seeing a sale like this at Gabes before. And I definitely took advantage of the sale!

This is what I got and spent:

1 XOXO Gown

1 Urban Outfitters Dress

1 Rachel and Chloe Maxi Dress

1 Dress Barn Floral Shirt

2 Express T-shirts

4 Necklaces


This gorgeous XOXO gown was only $7 on clearance! BUT. Because it was buy one get one half off it took the cost down to $3.50!!! That’s right 3 dollars and 50 cents for this gorgeous gown! I was about to check out after trying on everything else and I just had this weird feeling that I better check the clearance dress rack one more time and this gown caught my eye. I rushed back to the dressing room and it was a perfect fit! I have no idea when I will ever wear this but I knew I had to buy it just because! Really even if all the use I ever would get out of this is Halloween it would still be worth the $3.50. Hopefully I will have some kind of fancy event to wear it to soon 🙂

I also found this gown online being sold for $99 at 

Urban Outfitter dress $7. I just love this dress! At first glance it almost looks like camo but it is actually flowers and has buttons all the way down. It is super light and flowy so it’s perfect for summer!

Rachel and Chloe maxi dress $7. I love the detail at the top of this maxi dress! It is is really comfy too! I have been wanting to get a maxi dress and this one is just my style!

I got this hot pink Express T-shirt and the same one in tan for only $1.50 each! They were on sale for $2 and then the %50 off deal took it down to $3 for both! They are extremely soft and comfortable and I know I will be getting plenty of wear out of them!

Alexia Crawford Necklace $4. Alexia Crawford has some really cute stuff and lucky for me they carry it at Gabes alot! Here is another cute Alexia Crawford necklace I got at Gabes recently for $4.

Ny-Lon necklace $4. This necklace is really simple and can be worn with a ton of different outfits.

I got this Capelli New York necklace in blue and brown for only $2 They were $2 on clearance but the sale took them both down to $1. They look great separate or together!

To really take advantage of the deals going on I did two transactions the first one only had the 4 most expensive items and then the second one had all of the cheaper items so I could still get 50% off on the more expensive items and save even more!

Plus I live in PA so no sales tax on clothes! Wooo hoo! Definitely a big shopping success at Gabes!

XOXO — Abbey

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