Wish upon a shooting star — TONIGHT!

“Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?” – B.O.B.

No need to pretend tonight!!!

I have been waiting weeks for the Perseid meteor shower. Finally it is here! The Perseid meteor shower will reach it’s peak tonight (Aug 11) until the night of August 13th.  I am a complete space nerd and totally obsessed with shooting stars and making wishes on every single one! I am going to have plenty of wishes tonight because NASA says there should be about 100 visible shooting stars an hour!

Perseid image taken from Joshua Tree National Park. (Wally Pacholka / AstroPics.com)

Not only is there going to be a ridiculous amount of shooting stars but this meteor shower is even more special because the brightest planets in the sky will be lining up right in the middle of it all. NASA experts said Jupiter, Venus and the crescent moon will gather together right at the peak of the meteor show.

It all begins at about 11 p.m. tonight and ends around dawn Sunday. Unfortunately much of the East is calling for cloudy skies but I am still taking my chances.

So tonight get in your car and drive to the middle of no where to see the greatest show in the universe! You can typically see about triple the number of meteors out in the country compared to the city. Lucky for me my boyfriend lives in the mountains with pretty much no light at all around his house. Our favorite way to star gaze is on the trampoline with some blankets!

I hope you all get out tonight and watch some stars fly by instead of sitting around watching TV!

Believe me you will LOVE it!

XOXO — Abbey

“Always shoot for the moon because even if you miss you will land among the stars.” 


2 thoughts on “Wish upon a shooting star — TONIGHT!

  1. ron way says:

    around 0330 8/11 things cleared up cresent moon on top with jupitor lower and to the left and venus to moons lower right to form cool triangle seen one very fast shooting star around 0220 carl sagen would be proud of you

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