DIY Vintage Button Picture Frame

I am in love with this custom button picture frame that I made with my grandma’s old buttons that I found in her house! It is hard to believe it has almost been a year since Mommom passed away and I have been wanting to make this frame ever since I got the idea a few months ago when I found the buttons at her house. I think it is just the perfect way to turn something that is so simple like old buttons into something that is really special that I will always have to remember her by.

This photo honestly does it no justice at all. It looks so much more amazing in person believe me!

This is what you need to do it:

A cheap solid color frame at least an inch wide and as flat as possible. I snagged mine at Gabriel Brothers for $2.99.

A hot glue gun.

Vintage buttons. (Or new ones if you can’t find any.)

It is so simple just glue the buttons on the frame and voila!

I think this frame with all of her buttons along with my favorite photo of us really captures our personalities and relationship. The fact that these are Mommom’s buttons makes it so much more special and I know that she would have absolutely loved it!

XOXO — Abbey

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3 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Button Picture Frame

  1. jill way says:

    It is beautiful..great idea!

  2. really cute! I love all the colors and different shapes…definitely a unique frame!

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