What I’ve been up to lately!

So until today I haven’t posted a blog in over 3 weeks! Yikes, I know! Well let’s just say I have been really busy lately. I basically worked every single day the past two weeks and it has been awesome! I did my usual producing at 93.7 The Fan which I am really starting to get the hang of. When I first started producing earlier this summer I was really intimidated by all of the buttons but now I have it all figured out! Below is a photo of what the producing board looks like. There are also two other computer screens that you can’t see and then of course the phone to take the callers! I even got to talk on air really briefly a few times 🙂

About two weeks ago I started writing for The Fan’s newest blog called Panther Hollow! I teamed up with Mr. High School Sports, Matt Popchock to get the very first posts up on the web for Panther Hollow, which focuses on Pitt Football. We also went out to find the historical panther statues in Pittsburgh to use as the logo for our blog. Below is a photo from one of the historic panther statues in Pittsburgh. Here are links to blogs I wrote for Panther Hollow: Andrew Taglianetti  YSU Preview, Coach Rudolph on Sunseri,  and Coach Chryst Presser.

When I was at the UPMC Pitt Football practice facility I snapped these pictures from a really awesome area upstairs that is almost like a mini Pitt Football Museum.

Not only did I get to go cover some Pitt Football practices but I also had a chance to interview fans at Pitt Fan Fest! I really enjoyed interviewing fans because they are such a huge part of sports and I love hearing what they have to say about their favorite teams.

Click here to hear one my fan interviews from Pitt Fan Fest.

I also went to some Steelers practices this week to do post practice interviews in the South Side at UPMC, the same facility that Pitt football players practice.

I don’t have any pics from Steelers practice but here is an interview I did with Ryan Clark.

Yesterday I finally had the chance to get back over to PNC park for a Pirate game and do interviews for The Fan. Last year when I interned for The Fan I went to almost every game last summer and interviewed players and coaches. It felt so amazing to be back in the club house, on the field and in the press box and catch up with all of the media on the Pirates beat that I haven’t seen in a long time! I was even welcomed back by many Pirates and Pirates PR personnel. I was so shocked that they remembered me a year later and it was such a great feeling to feel so welcomed. But that is not surprising at all for the Pirates organization. I could go on and on about how welcoming and helpful every member of the organization has been to me from being an intern and now as an actual member of the media for 93.7 The Fan. Heck even Andrew McCutchen, an MLB All-Star remembered that I was a pole vaulter in college. But he was not the only one. Several other players asked me how I have been, welcomed me back, asked what I have been up to and how it is working at The Fan. Seriously, can these guys get any more genuine?

So that is everything that I have been up to lately at The Fan. I could not be more excited to be working right in Pittsburgh and even better at the same place where I interned last summer. Talk about feeling welcomed, the guys and gals at The Fan could not have been any more welcoming to “the new girl.” I have met so many amazing people already and learned so much in such as short amount of time. I am really grateful for the opportunity to have such an incredible job right out of college!

I also had a really cool free lancing opportunity this past weekend to work as a runner for Fox Sports at the WVU game in Morgantown. I was basically there to help anyone who needed me with anything to make the weekend go smoother for Fox Sports. I met a lot of really awesome people who work for Fox Sports and had the chance to experience something new! I helped out in the trucks the first two days and then got to assist Fox Sports broadcasters Justin Kutcher and Eric Crouch in the booth on game day.

Like I said I worked pretty much the past 2 weeks straight but the week before I was also really busy with other things like working at Idlewild as a face painter, moving my sister into a new apartment at college and painting her bedroom blue all by myself! I even made a trip to the ER! Oh and of course playing with the world’s best dog Friendly! She was Mommom’s puppy and is going on 13 years old! She is the most athletic Shih Tzu I have ever seen. She just loves going for walks and chasing her toys around! Here are some pics from all of that:

This was super long so if you made it this far to the bottom then you are awesome! I missed at least 2 Flash Back Fridays so here is an old pic of me to make up for it 🙂

I hope everyone has been having as much fun as I have lately! I really do miss all of my friends at school especially my Track family and my roomies! I know you all are living it up tho! Go Pirates….Aaaaargh!

XOXO — Abbey

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