Proof that I’m a little strange

My nephew, Quincy turned 5 recently and I always like to make him something personalized as part of his birthday present since he only gets to come home a few times a year. He used to live at home with my family until he and my sister (his mom) had to move to Louisiana. So, I went from seeing him every single day to only a few times a year and I hate it, so bad. He always talks about how he wants to come back, but as he gets older I figure he is probably going to start forgetting all of the fun things he used to do and places he went when he was back home.

And then one day it hit me. I had a brilliant idea, make him a goofy birthday video from all around town so he can always watch it and never forget. I am the weird, goofy aunt. Everyone has one I guess. So it only made sense to make a complete fool out of myself in the video. Why? Because he loves it!

So here it is world. Abbey Way acting like a complete weirdo. Enjoy!

O ya, the first part when I am saying “Puma has it,” that’s because Quincy loves that Adele song but he thinks she sings “Puma has it” when she is actually singing “rumor has it.” He loves wearing anything Puma!

XOXO — Abbey

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One thought on “Proof that I’m a little strange

  1. Grammy & Pappy says:

    This is just AWESOME Abbey so funny we laugh out loud, Pappy said your a pretty good shot he needs someone like you in the woods with him! keep it comeing ok love you see you soon P&G

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