Get Paid To Shop Online

If you shop online and do not use you are missing out, big time! Ebates is basically just a shopping search engine that retailers pay to find more customers. And then Ebates gives YOU part of the cut! No strings attached! My sister has been doing this for years and she gets checks in the mail for hundreds of dollars.

Literally, all you do is sign up with your e-mail and find your retailers website through Ebates.

Example: instead of going to you just go to, sign in and then click on and it takes you directly to the site. But, when you go through Ebates first you get paid 15% back from Ebates.

The amount you get paid back just depends on the site but it can go up to 25% cash back.

Here are some examples: – 3.5% cash back

Living Social – 2% cash back

Nike – 6% cash back

Proflowers – 12% cash back

Victoria’s Secret – 2% cash back

Urban Outfitters – 2.5% cash back

UGG Australia – 4.5% cash back

Vera Bradley – 3% cash back

The list goes on and on and believe me, those percentages may sound small but they really start to add up. Plus they reveal special coupons codes to use in addition to cash back. It is free money! You are shopping online anyway and it takes no effort at all. Why not?

Go to to sign up and when you do help a sister out and enter my e-mail address when it asks who referred you!

When you make your first purchase I will get 5 dollars! And when you make your first purchase of at least $25, you get $5 as a sign up bonus.

Enjoy your free money and happy shopping!

XOXO — Abbey

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