The “I Don’t Have Time To Workout” WORKOUT.

We have all said those six little words. “I don’t have time to workout.” Well that excuse is not good enough. If you want to be healthy and fit than you have to exercise. In fact, at my Crazy Hot Clothes meeting last week one of our staff members said those six little words and it got me thinking. New blog post idea! So here it is a 5 minute workout that you can do at home and there is no equipment necessary.

My sister sent me this workout this week to help me train for Mud On The Mountain, a 7 mile race with 23 obstacles. I tried the circuit and I really liked it! I ran 3 miles first then did the circuit 3 times. I think it is a nice quick workout that hits the entire body. I did the first set in only 5 minutes and then the next 2 sets took about 6 minutes each.

This is something that everyone can do at home! And you do have the time for it. Just think, in the amount of time it took you to read this blog post you could have done half of the workout already!

But remember this is the type of workout that you have to go hard the entire time to get full benefits from, especially if you are only doing it one time. If you really only have time for 5 minutes of exercise a day at least go as hard as you can for those 5 minutes!

You can do this! Get up and try it right now!

XOXO — Abbey

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One thought on “The “I Don’t Have Time To Workout” WORKOUT.

  1. ron way says:

    great old school stuff

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