This is what I did During October

WOW! That pretty much sums up October. It flew by so fast I can hardly believe what all I did. Actually some of this could be from the end of September…I can’t even remember. This is how I know I am getting old. Or maybe it could be all of those concussions I’ve accumulated over the years….Hmmm anyway! I have had so many incredible opportunities to be thankful for lately and it seems like I keep hearing about more and more all of the time! Being a “real person” isn’t so bad after all. Although I can’t actually figure out why I ever wanted to grow up in the first place. Being a 10-year-old trapped in summer forever wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Well I am going to start with my “big girl job” at CBS Radio. I used to just say I worked for 93.7 The Fan but lately I have also been working so much for every other station at CBS Radio in Pittsburgh, that I think it is time to rephrase my job description. I have been contributing weekly for The Panther Hollow Blog for with written blogs as well as providing and intro and outro for videos as well, on the 93.7 The Fan Facebook page.

Panther Hollow Video 1

Panther Hollow Video 2

Panther Hollow Video 3

Recently I have also started working a lot with the promotions department for all of our stations, KDKA-FM, KDKA 1020, 100.7  Star and Y108. Working with promotions is something I never really thought about in college and honestly knew little about until I started doing it. Working with promotions is actually really fun! I get to see a whole other side of the radio business and get to interact with our listeners and sponsors which I really enjoy. The photo below is from when I got to take a bike ride from The Tilted Kilt to the casino with a bunch of our equipment that we need to do live broadcasts.

I took advantage of all forms of transportation in one day. My car, a bike and even a boat!

The first event I got to do for promotions was actually right in my own town! I got involved with promotions when I noticed on the events schedule that KDKA 1020 was going to be doing a Kidkast practically in my back yard at the Glass Festival. So I simply just asked if I could help out and I have been working with promotions ever since!

Another great event that I got to work was “Taste The Good Life,” at Di Salvo’s Station in Latrobe. It was a wonderful fundraiser event that because of my job I got to work at and enjoy!

I’ve also been doing a bunch of other events with promotions like Trick or Treating with Elista from 100.7 Star, prize wheels at Idlewild, test driving Fiats and T-shirt drop adventures during Frankenstorm with Nicole (another promotions girl), just to name a few. Here are some photos from all of that!

Besides blogging and promotions I’ve been doing my usual duties like getting interviews for The Fan at Pitt football and basketball practice and games. And a little bit of Steelers practice as well, but they don’t like if you take pictures of Steelers…sorry! Football season has been terrific so far but I am getting really pumped for college basketball to start! But not going to lie, being at the Pitt Women’s Basketball Media Day sure did make me miss playing basketball!

At the beginning of the college football season I started freelancing as a runner for Fox Sports at WVU football games and loved it so much that I had to carry that right over to October! It is such an incredible experience to once again see things that I have never seen before and keep learning! Through working with Fox Sports I have had the opportunity to work with several different departments and see what all it takes to air a game on national television. While one of my major goals would be to be “on air” I also really like the idea of the the “behind the scenes” type of work and I have been seeing a ton of different aspects of that by working with Fox. I’ve always had a passion for shooting and editing video and at one of the games I assisted the most talented videographer I have ever seen in action! I’ve done three games already and I plan on helping out the rest of the season as well! Each week I’ve met amazing people and learned something new every time and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me next time!

OK so far we have CBS Radio and Fox Sports, but there are also three other “projects” I have going on right now! I started interning for  Crazy Hot Clothes, a vintage fashion line based out of Pittsburgh! It may seem like I’m only interested in sports but that is not true! I’m also totally into fashion and celebrities and other girly things. So when I heard CHC was looking for interns, I thought, “Why not?” And I am sure glad I did because I am learning a ton and working with wonderful people as well! I basically manage everything social media for CHC. I manage and write for the blog and make sure Twitter, Facebook, Wanelo and Pinterest are all running smoothly! There will also be more cool news involving CHC next time!

Crazy Hot Clothes has a sister company, Front Row Monthly, which is an online fashion magazine, also based out of Pittsburgh. And guess what? I am contributing for FRM now too! Check out my first post for! FRM also ran my feature on Cait Cuneo! All of my work with FRM is still pretty new as of now and there will be bigger news coming soon involving FRM! In the mean time be sure to check out what FRM is all about!

And last but not least, the third project, I am a News Correspondent for! This is also a very new project so my first video and post for the website is not up yet but it should be any day! Frzy is an artist from Pittsburgh and he has some huge projects of his own going on right now and I am really excited to be a part of it all! Expect big things from Frzy and keep an eye out on for my articles and videos!

Looking back I don’t know how I fit all of this into just one month! And I squeezed a lot of other random stuff in between! Like my ultimate favorite things to do, dinner with my family, hanging out with my boy toy, eating olive oil popcorn…(It took a lot to get me through all of this!)….working out, shopping and of course dressing up for Halloween!

XOXO — Abbey

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3 thoughts on “This is what I did During October

  1. Grammy & Pappy says:

    Hey! You are one busy gal we are soooo happy for you Abbey.Hope to see you at the mud race, if Aunt Debbie isn’t to bad she had to put her dog Angel too sleep she was 11yrs we just can’t belive her luck! Be safe out there little one love you and think about how much you have done and how much more you will do! ox

  2. Hey There. I discovered your weblog using msn. This is a really well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  3. […] I just realized that almost a year ago I announced on here that I was teaming up with Frzy to be a host for News and since then I haven’t […]

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