Stove Top Olive Oil Popcorn

I am so addicted to olive oil popcorn! I have been hooked on it since about 6th grade and literally eat it almost every night! I don’t know how healthy it is to eat it all of the time but it is definitely better than eating microwave popcorn. I made it for my roommates and friends at college a lot and they would always ask me to show them how to make it! So here is the secret to my addiction, olive oil popcorn!

All you need is:

Popcorn Kernels
Olive Oil
A big pot with a lid


First coat the bottom of your pot completely with olive oil just enough to cover it completely. After you make it a few times you will get a feel for how much you like to use.


Then cover the bottom of he pot with kernels and add some salt.


Turn the heat up to medium/high, cover the pot and when you stop hearing pops turn it off, add more salt if you want and you are ready to eat!


Sometimes I sprinkle on some parmesan cheese 🙂

I hope you enjoy olive oil popcorn as much as I do!

XOXO – Abbey

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One thought on “Stove Top Olive Oil Popcorn

  1. […] do! My biggest weakness with food is popcorn before I go to bed but at least I’ve moved on to olive oil popcorn instead of microwave […]

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