2 Makeup Trends To Try Now!

Whether it is a hot date or a night out with the girls, a make up pick me up can turn an ordinary night into extraordinary one! There is no doubt that when you look good you feel good! And sometimes all it takes is a simple make up pick me up, so use these new makeup trends to start 2013 off right!

It’s All About The Jewels!

Christin Dior recently set the trend when his models hit the runways with major eye candy! Their lids are covered with bold shadows and then topped off with jewels for an even more eye popping look! This is sure to be a popular trend during Spring/Summer 2013. But why wait? Go for it now if you are feeling brave!



To get the bejeweled look sweep a bold shadow across the lids like emerald, blue, or violet. Then apply any desired amount of sequins using lash glue. This trend is completely in your control! Go all out with an almost covered lid or opt for just a few jewels in the inner or outer part of your lid for a subtler look.




A Touch Of Blue

For a fast pick me up try blue eye liner. This easy twist on eyeliner can really make your eyes pop with the added color and get you out of a makeup rut.



XOXO – Abbey


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