Workout Wednesday: Go for a hike!

Aaaaah fresh air. What a rejuvenating feeling to spend the day outside hiking or what I like to call it, just exploring! My favorite workouts are the ones when you don’t even realize you are exercising because you are having fun. And hiking is definitely one of those kind of workouts! And that is exactly what I did today, on this spectacular Workout Wednesday!


I found this calculator on that calculates how many calories you burn while hiking according to your weight and the duration.

hiking calculator

I burned 1,098.4 calories! I’ll take that any day!

My go to place is a Ohiopyle, a nearby state park. It is not only gorgeous but it has a ton of different trails for biking and exploring! I spent about two and a half hours up there today with my boyfriend hiking the trails and even put my feet in the water. Just for a little bit…it was COLD! The weather could not have been more perfect, high 70s and sunny with some clouds. Here are some photos from the day!


Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-131 Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-13 Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-132 Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-133 Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-134 Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-135 Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-136 Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-137 Hiking at Ohio Pyle 4-10-138


Even if you are from a different area than I am that is no excuse not to go hiking! Look up state parks in your area or other places that have trails nearby where you live and just have fun exploring! I suggest taking a buddy with you so you aren’t alone. And watch your step for snakes and other creepy crawlies like my worst enemy, big spiders!





Send me pictures from your favorite hiking spots on Twitter!

Happy Workout Wednesday! And remember as long your moving that is better than nothing! So get up and get moving 🙂


XOXO – Abbey

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