Make Your Dad A Gift He Will Love For Father’s Day!

We celebrated father’s day a week early at the Way house this year.

1. Because I got confused and thought it actually was Father’s Day and crammed for 2 days making him a scrap book.

2. 3 out of his 4 kids were actually home which is pretty rare.

So, my dad got his gift from me already and loved it so I wanted to share this idea with all of you! Parents always love a homemade gift or a homemade card over something store bought so a scrap book is perfect for Father’s Day! It is time consuming but really not that hard and it will mean a lot to your dad that you took the time to make it.

This is what you need:

scrap book for blog

Photos! Print out a bunch more than you will need because it’s better to have extra than not enough!

A blank scrap book

Extra pages with patterns to mix it up from the white pages


Glue sticks


And any other cute scrap booking accessories you think would compliment your book!


The first thing to do is get organized! Sort all of your photos into piles by the pages that you want. It makes it a lot easier to keep the process moving if you already have everything sorted. This also helps estimate how many pages you can do with your photos. My book came with 20 pages and it turned out perfect with only a small pile of photos that I didn’t end up needing. If you need to you can always purchase extra pages.


As far as making the scrap book  goes I guess you could say I just wing it. I don’t really have much of a system except organizing the photos and then just look through all of the stickers and stuff and just add whatever looks right.


I tried to keep it in somewhat of a chronological order but it wasn’t perfect just enough so that it flowed in a nice way.








My dad loves the Pirates! So I wanted to make 2 pages just from Pirate games and I think it turned out to be one of my favorite parts!


On the last page I left room at the bottom to write him a note instead of giving him a card so we can always remember this was his Father’s day book!


Good luck scrap booking! Believe me if you make one for your dad he will love it, mine did! Send me some pics of yours on twitter for inspiration for future scrap books!

XOXO – Abbey

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One thought on “Make Your Dad A Gift He Will Love For Father’s Day!

  1. pap says:

    its a treasure

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