DIY Game Day Fringe Crop Top


Fringe tops are so cute for summer concerts and festivals, so why not a baseball game or even as a cute workout top? I made mine for a Pittsburgh Pirates game and it was so perfect for the night… nice and cool plus sporty and cute!  It is super easy to make and it only cost me a $1 because I found this awesome Nike Pirates T-Shirt at Goodwill from 2009. Not exactly vintage but still pretty sweet! So all you need is a T-Shirt and scissors and this is what you do:

First cut off all of the seams at the neck and the bottom of the shirt and the bottom of the sleeves. It is really easy if you just stick close to the stitching and it should stay pretty even but don’t worry about being perfect because it’s your own shirt and it doesn’t have to be perfect!


Next fold across at the point where you want the fringes to begin. Then cut a small slit on the fold cutting from the folded portion toward the collar of the shirt.



Then unfold the shirt and lay it out flat and cut down to the bottom of the shirt starting at the small slit you made. This is easiest if you just flip the shirt upside down so the top of the shirt is closest to your body and you are cutting away from yourself. Then you should have just one cut in your shirt like the photo below.


Flip the shirt back around so that the bottom of the shirt is closest to your body and hold the fabric that you just cut tight and begin to cut more slits in about quarter inch sections. Again, like cutting the seams, it doesn’t have to be perfect because it will just have your own style to the shirt, with some fringes being thicker than others.



Just keep repeating this process until you make it to the side of the shirt then flip it over to start the back side and just keep making your way around.




The last step is tying knots towards the top of each fringe. Just do a simple knot on each individual piece near the point of where the fringe begins. Again the same rule applies here, it doesn’t need to be perfect!



I styled my fringe crop top with a pair of high waisted jean shorts, Keds and some pirate themed face paint for the “Pirates Super Fan Day!”


I am going to experiment with some more shirts soon so keep checking back for more posts! And I think this would also look really cute with a pair of leggings at the gym!

If you make a shirt send me your photos on Twitter I would love to see them!

XOXO – Abbey

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