Workout Wednesday: Swim and Abs Circuit

When it’s 90 degrees out and you quit your gym membership for the summer like I did, adding water to your workout is an absolute must on the extra hot days.  I came up with this circuit for the really hot days that we’ve had this week and I loved it!

It takes 30 minutes total and you start at 5 minute intervals and work your way down to 1 minute.

So first swim however you want for 5 minutes without stopping.

Then jump out of the pool and do 5 minutes of abs of any kind without stopping.

Then jump back in the pool and do 4 minutes of swimming then 4 minutes of abs.

Just keep this going until you get down to 1 minute and do that final set.



So this is what it looks like:

5 minutes of swimming 5 minutes of abs.

4  minutes of swimming 4 minutes of abs.

3 minutes of swimming 3 minutes of abs.

2 minutes of swimming 2 minutes of abs.

1  minutes of swimming 1 minutes of abs.

If you do that and you feel like you could keep going then just run it backwards starting from 1 minute and work your way up to 5.



Fashion Tip: Wear a swim suit that will actually stay on while you are swimming so you don’t have to worry about stopping and fixing your suit during your workout. And wear a water proof digital watch so you can easily keep track of time.  I love my Nike bikini and waterproof Adidas watch for pool workouts!

Happy Workout Wednesday! Just keep swimming 🙂


Since this is a pool workout here are some bonus photos from my swim wear photo shoot for Crazy Hot Clothes! 





XOXO – Abbey

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