A Visit To Children’s Hospital

Today I had a wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. The hospital had a special carnival today for the children to enjoy a magic show,  games, activities and a glitter tattoo station. I worked at the glitter tattoo station giving tattoos to the kids. It was great to see them flip through the book searching for the perfect tattoo and then see their eyes light up after it was finished.


The carnival had a terrific turn out and the kids were laughing and smiling the whole time with their family, friends and caregivers. I was especially thrilled to see one very special child in particular because I have been following her journey through her Facebook fan page and I have even attended one of her fundraising events. Meet Addalynne:


Addalyne is a gorgeous 5 year old from the Pittsburgh area who was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms Tumors about a year ago. Despite having to deal with more than most do in the first 5 years of their lives Addalynne always seems to have a smile on her face. She loves playing and dressing up in pretty dresses, you can see a ton of photos on her Facebook page, Prayers for Addalynne.  When I jumped on board to volunteer at the carnival just the day before, I checked Addalynne’s page to see if she would be in the hospital today and it turned out that she was actually coming in for her last series of chemo treatments.  So I brought a long some hats that I have been meaning to mail her from my organization, Hoops For Hats. As well as a bag set that my sister Laura, had left at our house for her, that she had personalized with Addalynne’s name on it. After the carnival I was able to find Addalynne and hand deliver her surprise!


Today was so special to me because it is very rare that I actually get to meet the children that I send hats to. Addalyne picked out a hat for herself and several others to pass out to her friends who she knew were also in the hospital today.  She was so excited to pick out the hats herself and wanted to wear her hat right away and carry the hats that she wanted to deliver to her friends in her new bag!


I learned so much today from interacting with all of the brave children at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and I plan to visit again soon! It is a day I will never forget!

To learn more about this gorgeous and courageous little girl check out her Facebook page Prayers for Addalynne.

To see more stories like this check out my Hoops for Hats page!

If anyone knows a child who could use a care package to cheer up their day, please contact me at abbeyway0811@gmail.com

XOXO – Abbey


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