Workout Wednesday: 1 on 1 Full Court Basketball

That is not a typo. Yes, I actually correctly typed “Full Court.” This is no ordinary 1 on 1, half court, check it up every possession, typical game of basketball. It is an intense workout that will have you gasping for air within the first 5 minutes. Well at least that is what happens to me. Not as much for my little sister Shelby, who is still playing collegiate basketball and in much better “basketball shape,” than I am.  So lace em up tight and get ready for one of the roughest workouts of all time, at least with a basketball in hand.

Shelby says, that when she normally plays with her teammates at school, they play to 25 then take a half time and play another half to 25. I have not yet been able to last that long, so we have been playing either 20 point halves or 11 point halves win by 2. We play on outdoor courts so if we are playing in the middle of the day on a hot day we typically just play the shorter games.

Good Bball for blog1 Good Bball for blog Good Bball for blog2

It runs pretty much the same as a regular game of one on one, except there is no need to check it up, unless you knock the ball out of bounds or something.  Just decide whoever gets the ball first and start at half court. We always do it by loser of the last game gets the ball first.

Good Bball for blog3 Good Bball for blog4 Good Bball for blog5

If the player with the ball makes a basket the other player just gets the rebound, takes a step out of bounds under the hoop and just dribbles straight in from the baseline and down to the opposite hoop. If it’s a miss just grab the ball and go, you don’t have to take it back to any lines, just go from wherever you get it from.

Good Bball for blog6 Good Bball for blog7

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Here is a bonus throw back photo to a time when I could actually beat my little sister at basketball. We saw the other team rolling this chalk board down the hallway after a game and of course had to stop them for a photo.

“Must stop both Way sisters.” – Ringgold Varsity Basketball Coach 2008


XOXO – Abbey

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