Perseid Meteor Shower Check List

If you had plans tonight, cancel them. Instead, drive out to the middle of nowhere to catch the greatest show in the universe, the Perseid meteor shower. It’s supposed to be the best meteor shower in 2 years because of  the new moon and clear skies tonight. There is no denying I am a complete space nerd and I’m totally obsessed with shooting stars. They are just so cool! Last year for the Perseids, it ended up being pretty clowdy in western PA, so I didn’t get to see as many as I hoped. But this year they are predicting that with the right conditions you should be able to see 60 shooting stars every minute! Aaaah so pumped! So this is my check list for star gazing!

Drive out to the middle of nowhere!


The further you can get away from city lights the better your chances are of seeing a ton of shooting stars. My go to place is my boyfriend’s house. He has a bunch of great open fields to choose from and lives far away from city lights!

Pick a good hang out spot!



To me, the two best set ups for watching meteor showers are laying on a trampoline with blankets, because it’s really comfy. Or by a bonfire, because it’s really fun! We are going with the bonfire option tonight.

Bring snacks! 


If you have a bonfire you definitely need some snacks and nothing goes better with a bonfire and shooting stars than Smores!

Good Company!


Be sure to bring a friend or a few!




If you liked this post check out this one from last year!

I hope you wish upon a shooting star tonight ❤

XOXO – Abbey

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