Workout Wednesday: Golf Without A Cart

Wow golfing is so much harder than it looks! And believe it or not it can be a workout if you make it one, the key is to walk the course instead of using a cart! I’m a pretty terrible golfer so it takes me a ton of swings to get through the course so that only adds to the workout.  Recently my boyfriend and I found a golf course near Somerset Pa. that is only $10 if you walk 9 holes. It turned out to be the perfect place for me to work on my golf game because it is so cheap and I’m not really wasting any money being bad at golf when it is only $10!



photo (18)






By the 7th hole of lugging around my clubs, which are really just my boyfriends old ones that I use, I was completely worn out.  And it definitely shows on my face in the photo below! I wouldn’t consider this enough of a workout to make it your main source of exercise but I didn’t feel bad about not “working out” that day either! And even if I am terrible at golf I still had fun trying! After all, I only  shot a 98 on 9 holes…that’s not too bad right? 🙂

photo (19)


XOXO – Abbey

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