Workout Wednesday: Love/Hate Your Plate

I really do love and hate this circuit. It’s one of those workouts that hurts so bad when you are going through it but you feel amazing afterwards. All you need is a big open space just enough so that you can run 100 meters and a 25 lb, 35 lb, or 45 lb plate depending on what works for you.  By the end of the workout you will wish you never picked that plate up to begin with. This is how you do it:

Workout Pics With Plate1

3 Rounds For Time Of:

20 Pushups With Feet On Plate 

Workout Pics With Plate

100 Feet Of Lunge/Lunge Squat/Squat While Bear Hugging Plate


20 Over Your Plate Jumps 

jump over plate

100 Meter Run With Plate

run with plate


Make sure you time yourself so you can try and beat it the next time you try it. I used a 35 lb plate the first time and it took me 23 minutes. The second time I used a 25 lb plate and it only took 18. So for now on I’m going to go with the 35 lb plate and just push through it. Just try out different weights until you figure out what works best for you!

Happy Workout Wednesday!

XOXO – Abbey

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One thought on “Workout Wednesday: Love/Hate Your Plate

  1. duron says:

    they used to call this manual labor
    they discovered 12 hour shifts especially with children was over training

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