Workout Wednesday: Burpees, Jumps and Bear Crawls

workout with pic

I don’t know if it is just me but I thought this workout was really hard. I don’t think I was even sweating that much, although it was kind of cold today. It was more of a not being able to breathe and legs burning type of thing. So if that sounds fun to you, keep reading!

It’s for time so obviously the harder you push yourself the harder it is going to be. AMRAP means “As many reps as possible.” So during this 20 minute workout see how many reps you can get of the three exercise circuit.

15 Burpees

For this workout I do the CrossFit style burpees which means instead of doing a controlled pushup on the way down do more of a controlled fall and let your body touch the ground then push back up and jump and reach as high as you can towards the sky.


20 Broad Jumps

Start in a squat position and thrust yourself forward as far as you can and land in a nice athletic stance but instead of holding  that stance try to just catch yourself and jump again and keep up the rhythm as long as you can until you get the 20 jumps in.

broad jumps

25 Meter Bear Crawl

The bear crawl is simply just a crawl with your hands and feet alternating with each step for 25 meters.

bear crawl

happy workout wednesday

XOXO – Abbey

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