Workout Wednesday: Leg Day. No Gym Required.

Absolutely Abbey Blog12Believe me, it sounds easier than it is. AMRAP means “As Many Reps As Possible.” So, in 20 minutes see how many complete rounds of 20 lunges (10 each leg), 10 sit ups and 15 squats you can do. This is a great workout you can do in your house with just a small amount of space on cold days. But the key to AMRAP workouts is to push yourself as hard as you can. This way you get the most out of the quick 20 minute circuit. So push yourself!

Absolutely Abbey Blog15

20 Lunges. 10 each leg.

Absolutely Abbey Blog14

10 sit ups. Touch your hands to the ground behind your head on the way down and in between your feet when you get back to the top.

Absolutely Abbey Blog13

Get your butt parallel to the ground or lower on every rep with your feet about shoulder width apart.

I made it through 12 complete rounds and my legs were on fire!

Happy Workout Wednesday!

XOXO – Abbey

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