Workout Wednesday: Stand Up Paddle Boarding


A few months ago I took a mini vacation to Florida to see my sister play basketball and I was lucky enough to stay at a friend’s house who lives right on the water and he introduced me to stand up paddle boarding. It was not only a fabulous workout but an instant obsession as well.


Obviously we aren’t all lucky enough to live by the ocean but for those of you who are you should definitely get into stand up paddle boarding. And if you don’t live by the ocean this is a must do activity on your next beach vacation!


It works muscles that you didn’t even realize you had because you are doing a movement you don’t typically do. Specifically it targets your arms and your core because of the rowing movement and twisting. But it also requires some balance so it works your legs as well.


If you are thinking this looks way too hard for you, think again! It’s actually really easy to pick up and learn within minutes. The board is long and fairly wide so it’s not that difficult to move around on. Hey, if  my 50+ year-old parents can do it, so can you!

Visit To Florida November 2013

And if you do get the hang of it and want an extra challenge try doing a plank hold on the board or some over head squats…I tried, and fell in! But falling in the water always makes water sports more fun, right?

Moldiv_1390415612633 (1)

Has anyone else ever tried this? I would love to hear your stories! And if you are planning a beach vacation soon, definitely put this on your to do list! In addition to stand up paddle boarding being a fun and social activity it’s also a great workout!



XOXO – Abbey

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3 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

  1. brian baker says:

    That paddle boarding looks like fun.I may give it a try this summer.

  2. danpaddle says:

    Amazing sport for vacation.Yes you said right it’s not only a fun and social activity, you get a workout doing it as well.

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