Workout Wednesday: 100 Thrusters…and some burpees

Wow. This workout kicked my butt today! I don’t remember ever wanting to quit in the middle of a workout more than I did today. I’m not sure if it was just a bad day or if it was the workout, but judging by the reaction of most of my Crossfit Laurel Highlands companions, I’m going with…it was the WOD.

So if you are feeling brave here it is:

Moldiv_1395249840023 Moldiv_1395249972672


It’s 100 thrusters at 65 lbs for girls 95 lbs for guys, but here is the twist every minute on the minute you must stop and do 5 burpees! And if you aren’t sure what thrusters are it is simply a front squat into a push press. And if you can’t do 65 lbs just scale the weight down to what you can do.



And yes I’m wearing a Despicable Me shirt. No it didn’t help. I  was lying on the floor for 5 minutes after this workout…have fun!


Happy Workout Wednesday!

XOXO – Abbey

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