Speed Up Recovery With Active Off Days

Do you constantly have sore muscles? Do you feel like you are not getting stronger or running faster even though you work out 7 days a week? If the answer is yes then you are most likely over training your body. It may seem like a good idea at first if you are looking for quick results, but in the long run working out too much can actually be a bad thing. It’s important to have off days because during high intensity workouts like lifting weights or running you are actually tearing your muscle fibers and if you never give them a rest they are never going to recover and grow. At the very least you should take 1 day off a week but two days are even better. I know sitting around for two days and not working out may sound horrible for all of you highly motivated individuals but sitting around on the couch for those 2 days isn’t the best option either. Active recovery days can prevent soreness and help speed up recovery. Active recovery should be light intensity activities like going for a walk, skiing or playing basketball. When you do light intensity workouts it helps send more blood to those muscles that you just worked out at a high level the day before. The goal of active recovery workouts is not to burn a ton of calories but instead pump blood to the muscles that need prepared. Today my active recovery was taking a walk through the woods.












It’s important to listen to what your body is telling you, if you need a day where you just sit around on the couch and watch movies all day, then take it! Those days are good for you as well. But instead of taking two days like that in a row try to incorporate low intensity activities on one of your days off.

What do you like to do as an active recovery day?

XOXO – Abbey


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