Be Strong



In honor of my grandma’s (Mommom’s) birthday which was yesterday I wanted to share this quote.

Strong people stand up for themselves, but the strongest people stand up for others.


The two biggest lessons I learned from Mommom were:

1. Family is all that really matters in the end.

2. Stand up for those who need it.


Also, this upcoming week I will be missing the scholarship ceremony at my former high school were my family presents 2 high school seniors with a scholarship in honor of Mommom’s memory. Last year I presented the award but because I will be out of town this week I will not be able. to. This year I would have given the same advice that I gave to last year’s seniors, the same knowledge that Mommom passed on to me. And that is to be kind, always, no matter what. When you see someone in need of a helping hand you help them. Even if everyone else in the room is making fun of them or ganging up on them, it is your responsibility to step up and stand up for them at the moment they need it most.


Also, Mommom always told me, “Abbey, if someone is hurting you, bite them!” Good advice as well!


Remember, always be kind.

Spread the love this weekend and remember those who stood up for all of us!

Happy Memorial Day weekend and I hope you make it a fun and healthy one!


XOXO – Abbey

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