25 Health Tips – From A Quarter Century Girl

I can’t believe I’m 25 already! After all I was mistaken for a 17-year old just last month.

Well, technically I’m posting this an entire month late, so that was 2 months ago. But I did start this post on my birthday, June 11. This concussion just has me all messed up and it’s taken me a month to complete 1 blog post. But that’s for a whole other post, coming soon, hopefully.

So anyway back to the present! For my birthday I thought it would be cool to share with you 25 tips to living a healthy life, from a 25-year old — because we know everything, right?


But really, these are just 25 tips that I actually live by, I feel like I lived a healthy 25 years so far, except for getting hit in the head too many times and I think these tips can get me at least another 25 healthy years! And I hope they help you as well!

1. Stay Hydrated

2. Don’t Drink Pop/Sugary Drinks

3. Shoot for 8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night

4. Take The Stairs

5. Make Exercising A Priority

6. Don’t Smoke

7. Don’t Party Every Weekend

8. Take Vitamins

9. Fill Half Your Plate With Vegetables

10. Don’t Skip Breakfast

11. Lift Weights

12. Focus On Health – Not On Weight

13. Choose Happiness

14. Always Be Kind

15. Eat Fruit Everyday

16. Sit Up Straight

17. Don’t Over Train

18. Cook Real Food

19. Get Lots Of Fresh Air

20. Protect Your Skin From The Sun

21. Brush And Floss Your Teeth

22. Meal/Snack Prep And Avoid Fast Food

23. Have Fun And Don’t Worry About What Other People Think

24. Surround Yourself With Positive People/Don’t Let Other People Stress You Out

25. Never Give Up On Your Goals


What are some of your best health tips? Leave a comment or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


XOXO – Abbey




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