Flashback Friday: 6th Grade Basketball Funny Videos

I watched some old videos of my basketball games from 6th grade and thought they were too funny not to share, especially with my former teammates! One of my favorite athletic memories was being chosen to play on the Boys Travel All-Star Team from the Connnellsville rec league. And from the looks of these videos it appears I wasn’t afraid of the boys at all, in fact in one game I even pushed a boy and got a technical foul. Ha! Check it out:

And for all my friends on the boy’s team here is a video with some closer face shots of everyone.

But I didn’t just play with the boys I also played on a girl’s team of course, on the same tape there was a game with my Roadrunners travel team with kids mostly from Mount Pleasant. This game was so funny because we made an incredible comeback for 6th grade girls. We were down by 3 with just 1 minute left but managed to somehow come back and win. My teammate Vanessa even made a foul shot with just seconds left but she stepped over the line and they didn’t count it, plus I got to shoot foul shots as a result of a technical foul. Talk about drama!




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