Workout Wednesday: BOSU Ball Circuit

It feels like it has been forever since I’ve posted a new Workout Wednesday Workout! And that’s because I’ve been sidelined by my 5th concussion for the entire summer! But I’m back and ready to keep making some great workouts for you to try!

For this workout you will need a BOSU Ball and a jump rope. A BOSU Ball is the “ball” at the gym that looks like it has been cut in half. I love using them for a variety of different things and with this workout  you can sculpt your entire body with one!

– Do 20 seconds of each exercise for 2 rounds.

1. BOSU Ball Squats (Standing On Flat Side)

2. Pushups With Alternating Leg Crunch

3. Forward Rocks

4. Side To Side Rocks

5. BOSU Ball Lunges (With One Foot On The Round Side)

– Do 20 seconds on EACH leg when you get to the lunges.

– After you complete 2 rounds on the BOSU Ball do 100 Double Unders or 100 single jumps with your jump rope.

XOXO – Abbey


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