3 Core Strengthening Exercises To Try This Week!

A strong core improves balance, stability and can help improve your game in any sport. Mix up your regular routine with these 3 core strengthening exercises this week for a stronger core!

Kettle Bell L-Sit Holds

Hold onto the handles of large kettle bells and hold your feet off the ground with your legs as straight as you can. Try 5 sets until failure. If you can’t hold it for at least 15 seconds try to keep popping your feet up off of the ground as needed for at least 30 seconds at a time.


BOSU Ball Kettle Bell Swings

This exercise requires a BOSU Ball and a kettle bell but it works your core, legs and improves balance! With your feet on the flat part of the BOSU ball about hip width apart squat down with the kettle bell being held with straight arms and as you rise out of the squat thrust your arms and the kettle bell to eye level and repeat for 30 seconds at a time.

Work on your balance and core strength by doing kettle bell swings on a BOSU ball!

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Med Ball Arm Jumps

Start in a plank position with your hands placed flat on the ground just outside of the medicine ball and push up off the ground and balance your hands on top of the medicine ball and keep alternating your hands back and forth from the gorund to the medicine ball. Start off with sets of 30 seconds.


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