8 Minute Full Body Workout With A Tire

When it comes to working out it is great to be consistent but it’s also important to mix things up sometimes and work muscles in a different way. Lately I’ve been hitting the track and doing workouts 1 day a week with old tires and I love it because it’s different and it hits some muscles that I miss during the week through my regular lifting routine.

For this full body workout all you need is an old tire and 8 minutes. Do each exercise for 30 seconds for 2 rounds with a 1 minute rest in between the 2 rounds. Don’t waste any time moving from each exercise because the clock never stops running until the 4 minutes of each round is over. It is an AMRAP so that means you add up your reps as you go a long and your total from each round is your final score.

Check out the video for a full demonstration of all the moves!

8 Minute AMRAP with a 1 minute rest in-between 2 rounds:

1. Tire Flips
2. Back Extensions
3. Pushups Around The Tire
4. In And Out Hops
5. Plank Pushups
6. Squat Jacks
7. Side Hop Hurdles
8. Crunches


XOXO – Abbey




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