Protein Cherry Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love to snack on salty foods and sweets at night? I know I do! My biggest weakness with food is popcorn before I go to bed but at least I’ve moved on to olive oil popcorn instead of microwave popcorn!

But as far as the late night sweet tooth goes, I’ve found that home made ice-cream with a little bit of protein powder mixed in satisfies my sweet tooth just as much without all of the added sugar!


To make this cherry ice cream you will need:

2 Frozen Bananas
1 Cup Frozen Cherries
1/2 Scoop Cherry Lime 1st Phorm Phormula-1 Protein

Yes, that’s it! Only 3 ingredients for this sweet treat!

In a high power blender mix the 2 frozen bananas until it becomes the consistency of ice cream. Be patient because it is going to take a lot of blending until you can get it to the perfect texture. Have a rubber spatula handy so that you can scrape down the sides as you blend.

Next blend in 1/2 a scoop of Cherry Lime 1st Phorm Protein. You could definitely go for a full scoop if you are looking for more protein.

And finally blend in 1 cup of frozen cherries. Don’t worry if they aren’t blended in super smooth because the bites you get with a big chunk of cherries in it is extra delicious.

This recipe serves two people or you can just save some for later!


Enjoy! And if you make this recipe be sure to let me know what you think!

XOXO – Abbey

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