Healthy Protein MooLatte

If you love MooLattes from Dairy Queen you will love my healthy version using pretty much just 1st Phorm Chocolate Milkshake Protein.

This recipe is super simple and it’s great to make in the morning and take with you in the car if you are in a hurry!


All you do is blend together:

Iced Coffee (I just let my coffee chill in the fridge overnight)
A generous amount of ice
A litt bit of honey
1 Scoop of 1st Phorm Chocolate Milk Shake Phormula-1 Protein

I thought it was delicious!

And what makes it even better is that you will be saving a ton of calories and SUGAR!

A scoop of Phormula-1 Chocolate Milk Shake only has 95 calories and no sugar. A medium MooLatte from Dairy Queen has 690 Calories and 91 grams of sugar!

The World Health Organizations recommends 25 grams of sugar per day.

XOXO – Abbey

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Protein MooLatte

  1. Devon says:

    Hi Abby,

    First off, I really appreciate all your posts.

    When you mention the recommendation of 25 grams of sugar as a DV, I assume this is specifically geared towards refined sugars and not sugars in fruits and vegetables? Sure you can go overboard on those too possibly, but as I understand it, natural sugars are broken down by the body exponentially more due to the attached fibre content. Is this correct?

    Also, where do you suggest reading for daily value recommendations? I see a lot of conflicting information regarding to the recommendations of sugar intake – obviously less is best. I assume this is primarily due to (from how I understand it) sugar not being an essential intake.


    • abbeyway0811 says:

      Hi Devon,

      Thank you! Ya unless you are trying to really cut up for a bodybuilding show or something I wouldn’t worry about sugar from fruit. Although, I would watch out for fruit juices. I would worry about the added sugars that are not natural. And ya I would just aim for avoiding the added stuff and you should be pretty good! As far as which recommendations to trust I would lean towards .gov type of sites or major fitness/health magazines.

      Hope this helps!

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