How To Use A Yoga Strap To Improve Flexibility

Yoga straps are a great tool for yogis of all levels to improve flexibility. They are used to basically extend your arms to reach your furthest point of flexibility.

They typically cost around $10 but I actually found mine on clearance at TJ Maxx for only $3! I’ve been using it in my yoga practice for a few weeks and I’m already loving the benefits, especially with the shoulder opening poses.

Here a ways to use a yoga strap to improve your flexibility.


Shoulder Openers

Secure the strap around your feet and reach your hands down the strap as far as you can into bow pose and keep inching your hands a little closer to your feet as much as you can.



This could also be done one foot at a time like in the photo below.



You can also use the strap to open your shoulders by standing in dancers pose and gripping the strap with both hands as close as you can reach to the end secured around your foot.


Can you touch your hands together in Cow Face Pose? If you can’t a yoga strap can help you get there! Just grasp the strap with both hands and inch them as close to each other as you can.


Standing Poses

The strap can also be used to assist with standing poses for example Extended Hand To Big Toe. The strap helps with balance which makes it easier to improve your alignment and be able to hold the pose longer.


Seated Poses

If you have trouble reaching your toes, you can use a yoga strap to help you go a little deeper by securing it around your feet and reaching as far as you can on the strap with a straight spine.



Take your binds to the next level by grasping the strap in one hand as you begin the bind and then grab the strap with your other hand and inch your hands closer together as much as you can.



It’s important to always respect your body and the stages you are out in your practice. So pick up a yoga strap ASAP to start taking your flexibility to a new level in a safe and effective way.

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