10 Motivational Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

We all have those days when we could use some extra motivation to get up off the couch and get moving. There’s also those days when we think no one could possibly be having a worse day than we are and nobody could possibly be busier than we are or have it harder than we do.

Well the truth is someone always has it worse. Someone is always more tired and someone is always busier. So when I find myself making excuses I like to turn to Instagram for some motivation.

I think IG is full of endless motivation but there are certain people that I search more often than others because they all just having something unique about them that I love.

I could make a huge list of motivational people but I wanted to narrow it down to 10 that I think are very inspirational that most people may not have ever heard of.

  1. Krystal Cantu (@krystalcantu)

Krystal Cantu is by far one of the most inspirational people I have ever come across. She lost her right arm in a car accident and despite such a horrific loss she immediately got right back into going after her goals and competing as a CrossFit Athlete. She is also currently training for the Olympics to throw javelin. She is always posting inspirational content that will make you want to get up and do something amazing. She is one of my fellow 1st Phorm Athletes and she definitely knows what it means to #NeverSettle.

2. Derek Weida (@derekweida)

Derek Weida is also one of my fellow 1st Phorm Athletes and like Krystal he without a doubt lives by a #NeverSettle attitude. He is a Wounded Combat Veteran and he makes things like easy with only 1 leg that most people would have trouble doing with both of their legs! He is definitely worth following for some serious motivation plus he’s always good for some funny videos that are sure to make you smile.

One of the things I've learned over the years is this – fuck making a plan. Let other people spend their time sitting around thinking about life while you're out living it. "You're doing it on crutches? How are you going to do this? How are you going to do that?" It doesn't matter. Momentum is my strategy. As long as I keep moving forward I'll get to where I'm going. Don't complicate it. Approach life with the simple mindset of, "I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm not going to be afraid to start and I'm not going to quit before I finish. I don't care how much it hurts, I'm never going to give up." Adopt that mindset and apply it to every aspect of your life and BOOM!! you just became unfuckingconquerable. 👊🏻🇺🇸 #neversettle #nextlevelshit #legionofboom #thewoovement #straightlegless #iamadaptive #iammilitarymuscle

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3. Tamara Levinson-Campos (@cuchira)

Tamara Levinson-Campos is the creator of Yogance which is basically a combination of yoga and dance. I love following Tamara on Instagram because not only can she do some amazing things with her body but she promotes positivity and being yourself. To put it simply she’s a whole lot of awesome.

4. JKrocket (@jkrocket)

I’m not exactly sure what his name is but I do know that he’s amazing! JKrocket is a practices yoga, snowboards, rides bikes and post stunning photographs and photos from all of the beautiful places he explores! Did I mention he can balance on his head? And FLY? Don’t believe me? Just watch:


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5. Laurie Darrow (@kidtigger)

Laurie Darrow is a beast. She’s a mom who has lost 110 pounds and is training to compete on American Ninja Warrior. I came across Laurie as part of the 1st Phorm Athlete Search and I’ve pretty much been obsessed with her ever since.  I love her because she is real and no matter how many times she falls she keeps getting right back up. Give her a follow and it won’t take long until you are inspired by her determination!

I used to spend so much time watching. If someone offered to let me participate in something I'd say "no thanks. I'll just watch."I sat and watched about 15 years of my life slip right on by. I missed experiences that I will never have the opportunity to try again. Now I don't wait for anyone to ask me to join in. I'm pushing my way to the front of the line because I can't wait to have that experience. I'm not wasting any more of the time I'm blessed with. Live your life! Have those experiences! Don't watch it go by. Now is the time! Tomorrow is never guaranteed. #nowisthetime #livelifedontwatchit #challengeyourself #dowork #fitmom #fitover40 #fun #experiences #adventure #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #motivated #mykindoffun #neversettle #makethemostofeachday #progress #weightlossjourney #rockclimbing #hiking #outdoorlife #transformation #beforeandafter

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6. Jenna Dillard (@strength_and_focus)

Jenna Dillard is a badass mom that proves you don’t need a fancy gym to be in amazing shape! Jenna posts a ton of cool videos ranging from gymnastics to doing a full body workout with nothing but a tire in her backyard.

7. Christine BibboHerr (@NYCpretty)

Christine BibboHerr is a NYC Style Expert and Spokesperson and she is pretty much my idol! She snowboards, practices yoga, surfs and always looks flawless everywhere she goes! Her page screams happiness and it makes you want to just get up and do something fun.

8. Reesie Tottingham (@ReesieLove1121)

Reesie Tottingham is supermom and self taught yogi! Her yoga progress photos are incredible and she will inspire you to take your yoga practice to the next level! Her strength and flexibility are definitely impressive and her photos are stunning. Give her a follow for some serious yogi inspiration!

9. Valerie S. (@BigGalYoga)

Valerie S. proves through her stunning yoga photos that no matter what type of body you have, you can do anything with practice and dedication. “It’s nice to be able to show somebody who has the same body type as myself that they can do it themselves with their own yoga practice,” Valerie said in a recent article on Colorlines.com.

10. Jon Call (@jujimufu)

Jon Call refers to himself as “The Anabolic Acrobat.” I call him “ridiculous” and I mean that as a compliment. At 29-years-old he stands at 5’11” and 230 pounds and to put it simply he can do some pretty incredible stuff. Just check out his page and you will understand what I mean:

These are just 10 people who I think are worth following but the list could really go on an on! What I think every single one of these people have in common is that they all found their passion and by sharing that with the world they inspire more and more people everyday!

Who do you love to follow? Comment below with your favorite fitness inspirations!


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