EASY BREAKFAST: Mint Chocolate Cookie Protein Frappuccino

Say hello to my new obsession.

A video posted by Abbey Way (@absolutelyabbey11) on Aug 20, 2016 at 2:10pm PDT


I’m always on the run and I’m often guilty of skipping breakfast because I’m “too rushed” but I almost always at least make a coffee before I head out the door which I know is a major no no.

By skipping out on protein at the very beginning of my day and relying instead on caffeine and sugar I’m only setting myself up for failure.

But this super delicious combo is now my answer to my rushed mornings and it can easily be your too!



Just blend together chilled coffee, ice and a scoop of 1st Phorm Chocolate Mint Cookie Protein and top it off with some dark chocolate.

BONUS TIP: Instead of topping it with the chocolate just blend it right in for extra goodness with every sip!

Get the most delicious protein ever made HERE!  👍

As always you will get FREE SHIPPING and a 110% money back guarantee!

Message me with any questions! ✌🏻️💙💪🏻

XOXO – Abbey


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