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25 Days to a Better You Challenge

Join me in this 25 days to a better you challenge! I provided the challenges and you get to pick the order that you complete them!

Keep me updated on your progress by joining my private Facebook group where others are working on the challenge as well! It all starts October 6th!

25 days to a better you challenge

If you have any questions or need help finding ideas to complete these challenges don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

XOXO – Abbey

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Yummy Protein Popsicles

You have to try these super easy and delicious protein popsicles!! 😋

A post shared by Abbey Way (@absolutelyabbey11) on Sep 5, 2017 at 11:28am PDT


1 Cup 100% Pineapple Juice
2 Cups Mixed Frozen Fruit
1 Scoop 1st Phorm Cherry-Lime Protein

Just blend it together and freeze in popsicle molds!

It’s that easy and it’s way better for you than those “real fruit” popsicles at the store that have a bunch of crazy hidden ingredients! And a lot cheaper too!

Get the protein I used in this recipe here!

XOXO – Abbey

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Delicious Protein Packed Strawberry Muffins



· 1 cup unsweetened applesauce
· 1 egg, large
· 1/2 cup Plain Greek yogurt
· 1/4 cup almond milk · 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
· 1 1/4 cup Whole Wheat Flour
· 1/2 cup 1st Phorm Phormula-1 Natural Strawberry Protein Powder
· 2 tsp baking powder
· 1/8 tsp salt
· 1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced


Preheat oven to 350
Grease muffin pan (I tried doing some with cupcake liners but they stuck to them so don’t do it that way)
Mix wet ingredients
Mix dry ingredients
Mix wet and dry ingredients together
Bake about 20 minutes or until you can stick a toothpick in and it’s dry.


The natural whey protein I use in this recipe is sweetened with stevia! You can get it with free shipping by clicking here!

XOXO – Abbey

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“What happened to your body Abbey?”

Photo May 24, 2 05 08 PM.png

“What happened to your body Abbey? It looks bigger than before. Did you stop your healthy routine?”

This is a comment I received on one of my photos last week. I tried not to let it bother me but I will admit that it did for a few days.

I immediately turned to my husband to ask if I look out of shape. He laughed and said no.

He reminded me that my body has changed over time and that I’m healthier now than I was 20 pounds ago.

Skinny doesn’t mean healthy.

Having a 6 pack won’t make you happy.

I used to be so skinny that you could see every muscle and bone in my body. But I was so weak.

In college, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and for the first time in my life, I was actually gaining weight.

It was definitely an adjustment to see my body filling in more because I was used to being a size zero for years and years.

I went through a phase where I was feeling really insecure as my body changed. But this was also at the same time that my body was changing simply because I was also getting older! You can’t stay 19 years old forever!

My body changed and a lot of factors went into it. And change isn’t always easy.

I’ve continued to put on more weight and grow stronger pretty gradually since then.
Looking back I’m really happy with how far I’ve come since the days when you could see all my bones!

I think the muscles that I’ve gained represent years of hard work.

I’ve put a really big focus in the last year on being thankful for what my body is capable of and loving my body and all of my imperfections. Now that I’m not stressing over every little thing and trying to be “perfect” I’m so much happier!

Of course, I’m not where I want to be and I probably never will be! I want to constantly grow stronger physically and mentally.

It’s really hard to not look around and compare ourselves to others but I promise you if you can learn to just love your body at every stage you will truly feel confident and have way less stress in your life!

I still have goals and want to be better every day than I was yesterday but I am still going to love my body every step of the way.

I encourage you to do the same!

XOXO – Abbey

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1st Phorm Post Workout Stack Review — How It Helped Me Get Faster Results

Top 5 Reasons Why I LOVE 1st Phorm’s Post Workout Stack and Recommend It!

  1. It’s manufactured in an FDA inspected facility — Not the norm for supplements!
  2. It tastes the best.
  3. It mixes the best.
  4. It’s made with a LOW-TEMPERATURE PROCESS! (Doesn’t lose quality)
  5. It works.

Here are my results:


2011: I was competing as a Division-1 Athlete at East Carolina University training with the best of the best but my nutrition was BAD. They even provided protein shakes for us after workouts but I typically saved mine for breakfast for the next day and would go straight to class without eating after my workouts except for a granola bar or a piece of fruit. THIS DOESN’T WORK.

2013: Post college days I was just starting to experiment with CrossFit and started using supplements. I tried several different types of protein shakes but they always messed my stomach up and I never found one that I liked the taste.

2015: FINALLY! I discovered 1st Phorm and I was intrigued by their protein flavors like Loop D Fruit and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I figured I would try it out with high hopes that I would at least be able to drink it without gagging from the taste and they offer a 110% money back guarantee so I knew I had nothing to lose. And I’m so happy that I did go for it because I fell in love with the quality, the taste, and the results! So much, that I haven’t used anything else since!

This is why it’s THE BEST: 

What you are eating or not eating after you workout is most likely what is holding you back from reaching your goals!

It’s a very common mistake to go hours after you workout without refueling properly. A lot of people know that protein shakes are the easiest and quickest way to give your body what it needs after a workout but did you know not all protein is the same?

The supplement industry is NOT regulated by the FDA. This means companies don’t need to actually have on the label what’s in their products. Super Scary! That’s why I use 1st Phorm because they have their supplements manufactured in an FDA inspected facility. So you know what is on the label is actually in the bottle. Which to me is extremely important. 

And 1st Phorm also has 3 All-Natural flavors!


So what’s the best option for making the quickest progress and reaching your goals?

Phormula-1 and Ignition is the best and safest choice when it comes to post workout nutrition. It works faster and is made with higher quality ingredients than any other products on the market. It is never introduced to harsh chemicals or high temperatures that destroy the quality of the protein!

Still confused? Just message me or e-mail at and I will help get you on track!

I was in your shoes once…so confused about how to properly fuel my body but now I know from experience how much it can help to use Phormula-1 and Ignition!

And if you are ready to make the change just order here so you will always get FREE SHIPPING and a 110% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


BONUS: If you are lactose intolerant these two flavors are perfect for you and lactose-free!

XOXO – Abbey

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My Dream Wedding

Finally! After weeks and weeks of procrastination, my wedding day blog post is here!


November 25, 2016. Our wedding date was extra special because it was my grandparents 62nd wedding anniversary. I can’t think of a better way to honor their amazing love for each other than getting married on their anniversary!


Another extra special touch on our wedding day was having my Uncle Jeff marry us! It was his first time having such an honor and he knocked it out of the park! One of the most memorable moments of the ceremony was when I lost all control and started laughing during my vows. Uncle Jeff warned all of the guests that this would happen at the beginning of the ceremony and it turned out he was correct!

AM-147Don’t worry, Morgan handled it like a champ and I blamed it on my sisters giggling behind me. Uncle Jeff blamed it on my mom. We all know I just have a problem controlling my laughter in serious situations.


It was definitely one of the most memorable parts of the ceremony which was held at the Connellsville Wesley United Methodist Church. In addition to my uncle marrying us our friends Jake, Jane and Shauna made the ceremony even more special with their musical talents! We added our own style to the ceremony with Jake playing the banjo.


My three sisters Lindsay, Laura and Shelby were my bridesmaids and Morgan’s best buds Shawn, Johnny and his cousin Andrew were the groomsmen. My cousins, Bekah and Sarah were my honorary bridesmaids.



My dad walked me down the aisle and my mom was escorted by two of our closest friends Maria and Cameron.  Morgan’s mom was escorted by her adorable neighbor Wyatt.













After the ceremony, it was back to Mommom and Popsy’s house for more photos before the reception. Their house is very special to us and it’s where I spent countless hours growing up and Morgan spent a lot of time there too visiting Mommom and swimming at her pool. My family worked for months at the house leading up to the wedding to paint, redo the floors and so much more to make it look extra special and I know Mommom and Popsy would have been so happy to see it looking spectacular again!















After a quick photo session, it was off to the party and we went in style! Thanks, Mom and Dad!




The reception was at Bell’s Banquets in Mt. Pleasant. The food was great and there was never a dull moment. There was also a pretty big surprise when we arrived. Penguins radio announcer Mike Lange introduced the wedding party! Thanks to my buddies from 93.7 The Fan for the unexpected and awesome surprise! Also, my dad gave the best speech ever. I’m certain it could win an award. He always knows what to say!










Retrieving the garter came in the form of a police-style pat down.




The bridal dance was more like a wrestling match.





Injuries were minimal.



Did I mention the cookie table? It may have been the most fabulous cookie table of all time. All thanks to my amazing friends and family for making so many delicious cookies and to Nannie Pearl for all of the cupcakes and decorating! Plus my favorite part where the vintage Abramowitz boxes from Popsy’s produce business many years ago.




In addition to our cookies and cupcakes, we also had a small cake to cut! It was lemon flavored and oh so good!


Our table numbers had our photos on them at the same age as the table number and we used vintage milk glass to decorate the venue and other antiques. Many of them came from my family members and the rest came from my mom’s endless searching at thrift stores for the perfect pieces!

MA-447.jpgOf course, it’s not a wedding without all of the special details! Getting ready at Mommom and Popsy’s house on the big day was so important to me and I will never forget it! It felt like they were with me every step of the way!







I went with Victoria’s Secret pajama sets for my sisters and me with UGG slippers. I wanted to be comfy and not too matchy matchy. Plus I loved picking out a color and design for each of our personalities!



I can’t even begin to explain how much I stressed about makeup in the months leading up to my wedding. Specifically, whether or not I should go with false eyelashes.  Sounds crazy, I know, but it had me seriously stressed out! In the end, I decided I wanted to look like myself so I opted out of falsies because I never wear them and I’m so happy that I made that decision! I felt comfortable and didn’t have to worry about them falling off!



When it came to hair I wanted a half up half down do and a pretty headband. Nannie Pearl did an amazing job creating my custom jewelry and headband and my go-to girl Jan never disappoints when it comes to completing my hair style for a special occasion so I had no worries there! I loved how it all turned out! We also added in some fresh baby’s breath.




I also put a lot of thought into what shoes to wear! I ended up going with a fabulous rose gold pair of Keds from the Kate Spade Wedding Collection and I have no regrets! My feet were comfy all day and night and I didn’t have to worry about tripping in heels! Plus it was totally my style!


The purse belonged to my grandmother, Mommom.



Getting ready was actually one of the most memorable parts of the day! I was surprised at how calm I was before the ceremony!










It wasn’t until I was about to walk down the aisle that my heart started beating really fast!


This was the exact moment when they told me that the music was playing and it was time to go!

It looks like Morgan’s friends kept him calm before the big moment!


The boys got ready at The Holiday Inn Express in Donegal and that’s also where we took the after party.






And of course, our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without all of our friends and family who came from near and far!





















Thank you to everyone who made this day so special! Especially my parents who not only gave me the wedding of my dreams but have led by example my entire life and showed me what true love is!



Photographer: Jeff Swensen

Hair: Jan Maier

Makeup: Kiss and Makeup

Florist: Linda Brown’s Floral

Jewelry and Cupcakes: Nannie Pearl 

Dress: Allure Bridals from Sorelle Bridal Salon

Reception Venue: Bell’s Banquets

Shoes: Ked’s 

My experience with my videographer, Williams Wedding Films was a nightmare. You can read more about it here.

EASY BREAKFAST: Mint Chocolate Cookie Protein Frappuccino

Say hello to my new obsession.

A video posted by Abbey Way (@absolutelyabbey11) on Aug 20, 2016 at 2:10pm PDT


I’m always on the run and I’m often guilty of skipping breakfast because I’m “too rushed” but I almost always at least make a coffee before I head out the door which I know is a major no no.

By skipping out on protein at the very beginning of my day and relying instead on caffeine and sugar I’m only setting myself up for failure.

But this super delicious combo is now my answer to my rushed mornings and it can easily be your too!



Just blend together chilled coffee, ice and a scoop of 1st Phorm Chocolate Mint Cookie Protein and top it off with some dark chocolate.

BONUS TIP: Instead of topping it with the chocolate just blend it right in for extra goodness with every sip!

Get the most delicious protein ever made HERE!  👍

As always you will get FREE SHIPPING and a 110% money back guarantee!

Message me with any questions! ✌🏻️💙💪🏻

XOXO – Abbey

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New Gym — New Goals

Everyone hits a wall eventually. In the past few months I hit mine.

I just wasn’t enjoying my workouts anymore. So I made a big change and joined a new gym in town, Innate Fitness — Mt. Pleasant.

I see it as CrossFit meets bootcamp. You get out of it what you put into it.

The group classes are called Chaos and that’s the best way to describe it.

People everywhere, multiple stations and going all out for about an hour!

Everyone goes at their own pace and modifies whatever they need to so everyone gets the most out of it. 

As a lifelong athlete I’ve always loved having that team atmosphere and a coach to push me.

And when I workout I like to sweat…a lot or I feel like I didn’t work hard enough.

It only takes about 5 minutes of Chaos before I’m soaked in sweat and gasping for air.

Wake up call? Maybe.

Exactly what I needed? Definitely!

It’s only been about a week but I’m already loving it. Due to never ending headaches as a result of Post Concussion Syndrome, I wasn’t able to workout much at all from October to June.

Frankly, my workouts pretty much didn’t exist at all during that time.  My life consisted of going to work and going straight to bed for the rest of the day to nurse the symptoms enough to make it back to work the next morning…at 3:30 A.M.

Getting on a normal schedule at a new job helped the PCS Symptoms die down a lot but I still wasn’t killing it in the gym or having the same motivation that I’m used to.

From June to July I had a mix of good workouts and bad workouts.

I’m still sensitive to lights and sounds and one of the great things for me about working out at Innate is that it’s big enough and dim enough that the lights and sounds don’t trigger headaches.

There were times that just walking into some gyms gave me an instant headache just from the atmosphere alone.

I’m so happy to have found a place that’s exactly what I need right now and I’m pumped to track my progress and keep killing some fun workouts!

A setback is a setup for a comeback.

XOXO – Abbey

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6 Natural remedies for headaches that actually work

tulip shot 8-1

Photo Credit: Danielle Bertrand

For more than two years I have head a headache every single day as a result of a concussion from an automobile accent. So it’s pretty safe to say I’m basically an expert in trying to find headache remedies!

Like many people, I hate taking medication. Sometimes I have to resort to pain killers to get rid of a horrible migraine or nagging headaches but I’ve also learned a few ways to beat the headaches naturally before they get to the point of no return.

These are all remedies that I use regularly and truly find relief from:

1. Peppermint Oil

Rubbing a few drops of peppermint oil on your temples, forehead and the back of your neck may be the most effective and quickest way to find instant relief from headaches and migraines. This is also a super convenient one! You can just carry a tiny bottle with you in your purse so you have it when you need it even if you are out and about. It gives you the sensation of ice without the actual ice.

2. Ice

Like peppermint oil the is a super effective way to calm down a headache fast and it reduces swelling. I have a migraine headband that I found at TJ Maxx that I just keep in the freezer and when I need it I just take it out of the freezer and put it on my head for a quick option. Also if you have a freezer than crushes ice, I’ve found that filling up a plastic bag with crushed ice and putting it right on your head helps a lot too!

3. Ice combined with a hot bath

This one works wonders as well if you have the time to do it! Make a bag of ice for your head and one of your neck and relax in a hot bath. This works best if you can get comfortable with the ice on the edge of the tub and let your neck just relax onto it. Add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath water or some Epsom salts for an added bonus and just relax and close your eyes!

4. Meditation

This one takes some getting used to and it’s something that I’m still working on. Taking a moment to just sit and be quiet can be really difficult when you mind is racing all of the time when you feel like you have a million things to do. But as much as we “need” to get stuff done what we most likely need more is to actually slow down. Check out Love Your Brain for free guided meditations to help get you started.

5. Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is great for relieving headaches because like meditation it helps slow down your mind and helps you destress. It’s a form of yoga in which you hold poses for a long period of time. If you think you can’t do yoga because you aren’t flexible…you are wrong! Everybody can do yoga and the more you practice the more flexible you become. I am a fan of Travis Eliot on Youtube for practicing Yin Yoga.

6. Chamomile Tea and Sleep

Especially when it comes to a migraine, sleep is often the best medicine. Sip on some sleepy time tea, lay down, rub on some lavender oil, turn off the light and just close your eyes.

These all work for me and I hope they can help you too! If you have some great remedies please share them in the comments below!





10 Minute Salsa

I love, love, love salsa and this recipe is so simple to make for any occasion!



1 can Hot Rotel
1 can Mexican Style Rotel
1/4 cup cilantro 
1/4 cup corn
1/2 of a white onion chopped
1/2 a red pepper chopped
1/2 a yellow pepper chopped
Juice from 1/2 a lemon

Top it with cumin and mix it all together!

Eat it with chips, put it on rice, add it to an omelet or just eat it with a spoon!

It tastes good on pretty much anything!


XOXO – Abbey

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