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Exciting Sponsorship News!

I’m excited to announce that I have accepted an offer to be a 1st Phorm Sponsored Athlete! 1st Phorm is a supplement company that not only makes the best supplements in the business but it’s also a company that is making huge changes in the industry. 1st Phorm promotes encouraging and inspiring others instead of knocking them down, and I couldn’t be more proud to be affiliated with such a great company!

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Beyond excited to announce that I've accepted an offer to be a @1stphorm Sponsored Athlete! #1stPhorm not only makes the highest quality supplements for all types of athletes but this company actually cares about all of it's customers and is making huge changes in the industry. I couldn't be more proud to represent a brand that actually shares my own beliefs and prides itself in picking others up instead of knocking them down. We are all in this together! We are the #LegionOfBoom 💙💙💙 Thank you for this opportunity @andyfrisella @mrfrisella @jasoncaine @cody__klein @_legionofboom @teachbrian @mai_ty_ler and everyone else at @1stphorm 😊😊 I'm also now a brand ambassador and you can order all of your supplements from my direct link 👈👈👈 NEVER GIVE UP. WORK HARD. NEVER SETTLE. #Iam1stPhorm #NeverSettle **This opportunity is separate from the athlete search but I'm grateful for the experience of participating in the search and making so many great new friends through it all. ✌💙

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1st Phorm makes the best tasting, best mixing and highest quality protein that will help you achieve all of your fitness goals at the fastest possible rate! I only use 1st Phorm protein and supplements and you can too! For free shipping use my link,

My favorite flavor is Loop D Fruit. For an awesome smoothie that tastes like fruit loops check out my healthy recipe:




XOXO – Abbey


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Look Ahead and Stay Positive


It’s been 6 weeks since my last workout because I was in a car accident and I’m still dealing with post concussion symptoms. (This is my 5th concussion.) I’ve had some really good days but I’ve also has a lot of days where I just lay in bed with a sore neck and headache trying to get away from all lights and noise. It’s easy to be sad and jealous of everyone else who can go to the gym or even complain about how they don’t feel like working out.

It’s really crazy how your life can change in an instant when you least expect it. But you have to learn to stop looking at all the negatives and focus on the positives. The one positive thing that will come from this accident is that when I’m finally released to exercise again, I will have a tremendous amount of motivation to workout harder than I ever have before. Every single day that passes I build up more motivation to kill it in the gym and each day I come one step closer to being able to do that.

Keep looking forward. And keep thinking positive, no matter what has you down.

**And thank you everyone for the well wishes and words of encouragement while I continue to recover! 💕💕

XOXO – Abbey


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Best Of Absolutley Abbey In 2013

It’s hard to believe 2013 is over. What a year it has been! During 2013 I posted 87 blog posts and had 12,000 views on here. Incase you missed any of my favorite posts, here are my top 13 picks for you to check out and enjoy!

1. Why I Chopped My Hair Off



2. Workout Wednesday: 1 on 1 Full Court Basketball



3.  5 Reasons To Start Your Day With Lemon Water



4.  DIY Game Day Fringe Crop Top



5.  OOTD: Fuzzy Vest And Wedge Sneakers



6. Green Smoothie Meal Prep


7. 2014 Workout

8. Stove Top Olive Oil Popcorn



9.  Steelers Camp Weekend 2



10. Getting Frzy


11. Dinner And A Suit: The Band You Need To Know About



12. Delicious Pumpkin Protein Muffins



13. The Fan Morning Show Talking Pens, Pirates and Abbey Way


What was your favorite post of 2013? Let me know on Facebook and Twitter!

XOXO – Abbey

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Dinner And A Suit: The Band You Need To Know About


Dinner And A Suit is my new music obsession. Listen to band’s music and it will be yours too. Wait, right now go to and listen to their music as your read this.


A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to act as an extra in the DAAS music video for the track, Where We Started. It was filmed on a farm in Western Pa, where we got to just run around and have fun together and take a ton of photos on an old school Polaroid camera! The whole filming process not only really cool to see from behind the scenes, but it was also a blast just hanging out with the band. The guys of DAAS are extremely down to earth and because of their personalities it was easy to pretend like we had been friends for years.



When I initially heard about the opportunity I  did some research before I hopped on board. And after listening to a few songs I knew I had to be a part of it. The band’s music tends to lean towards the instantly catchy songs that you can play over and over but they don’t get old. I know this because I haven’t really stopped listening to DAAS since I initially heard it about 2 months ago.



The Pop/Rock band, based out of Nashville, has received raving reviews from MTV including being featured as a Buzzworthy Band at Heard of the show The Jersey Show? Of course you have! Well then if you’ve made it to the band’s song “It’s Not Over” by now and you are thinking it sounds familiar, it’s because it played during a farewell scene on The Jersey Shore!



I’m definitely into the “It’s Not Over” track but I’m especially obsessed with “Where We Started.” This may or may not be because I was part of the filming for the video and I’m anxiously awaiting the video release which should happen sometime this Winter. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter, that song is so good and I know I’m going to be hearing it everyone raving about it soon!



I’m really looking forward to when all my friends are going to start talking about, the best new band out there, Dinner And A Suit. And I’m going to be able to say, “I’ve been listening to DAAS for months and yes they are AMAZING!” And now you can too!

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The guys said this cross-eyed mess and embarrassing Polaroid picture was the best of the day! I don’t know about all of that.

XOXO – Abbey

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Getting Frzy

Wow I just realized that almost a year ago I announced on here that I was teaming up with Frzy to be a host for News and since then I haven’t posted any of the videos that I’ve done for it until now! Frzy is a national recording artist from Pittsburgh who has collaborated with several international artists from all over the world.


Most recently he recorded a music video called WTF with Lyric Da Queen that will be released in the next few weeks. I was on set for the WTF music video shoot which was directed by Lethal Industries and it was such an amazing experience. Besides fancy cars, gorgeous models covered in body paint and amazing rapping skills the video was shot with a really cool time warping type of technology that you just have to see to believe.  My behind the scenes video, “Making The Video” for WTF will be out soon but before the release, here are some of the other projects I have done with Frzy for News!



The night before the WTF music video shoot I had the  chance to sit down for an exclusive 1 on 1 interview with Lyric Da Queen who appeared on the X-Factor and is featured in the WTF track with Frzy. I am so happy that I had the chance to meet Lyric and learn more about her because she truly has a very inspirational story and is a super talented and down to earth girl. Check out this News exclusive to hear what the true meaning is, Behind The Patch, with Lyric Da Queen:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Speaking of talented females, my second favorite interview for the News was with Pro BMX rider Grace Majkowski. Grace is the first ever sponsored athlete for Mogul Sports and has won a plethora of BMX Championships since she was just 6 years old! Check out my interview with her to see her in action!


Another really fun interview with News was when I got to visit Coco 66 Boutique which features a ton of California style clothing that you can’t typically find in Pittsburgh.


And last but not least check out this video which features Michal Renee, who was a featured Model of the Month at Not only is Michal gorgeous and she can dance but she has brains too!


I’m so excited for even bigger things to come soon with Frzy! Make sure you keep an eye out for the WTF music video coming out soon!


XOXO – Abbey

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Steelers Camp Weekend 2

(Photo Credit: Saint Vincent College)

(Photo Credit: Saint Vincent College)

Mike Tomlin quote of the week: “He’s got a contusion to the birth certificate it’s from the 70’s he will be OK.” – On Troy Polamalu who sat out of practice that day and was actually born in 1981.

IMG_6369 IMG_6393 IMG_6403IMG_6532 IMG_6535 IMG_6537 IMG_6541 IMG_6544 IMG_6548 IMG_6554 IMG_6556 IMG_6563 IMG_6426 IMG_6430 IMG_6436 IMG_6437 IMG_6453 IMG_6467 IMG_6470 IMG_6474 IMG_6483 IMG_6496 IMG_6511

It was another great weekend at Steelers training camp but with one big change, they  put on the pads. Practice was full of  a lot of live drills and the intensity was much higher than last week, with the first pre-season game less than a week away.

Check out my stories from the week:

Mike Tomlin: “Not Good Work Today, Great Work.”

Bruce Gradkowski Feeling Comfortable With Steelers Offense

XOXO – Abbey

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1st Weekend of Steelers Training Camp 2013

IMG_5988 IMG_5990 IMG_6002 IMG_6054 IMG_6049 IMG_6039 IMG_6033 IMG_6029 IMG_6017 IMG_6016 IMG_6010 IMG_6005

Other than some rain it was a great first weekend of training camp. I’ll be back next weekend for more with 93.7 The Fan!

To get up to date on all the training camp news check out 93.7 The Fan website!  And be sure to check out all my stories from camp while you’re at it:

Brett Keisel’s Entrance

Heath Miller Injury Update

Emmanuel Sanders’ Big Opportunity

XOXO – Abbey

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Brett Keisel Tops Last Year’s Entrance To Training Camp

Going into my third year of covering Pittsburgh Steelers training camp I knew I would see players roll up in all types of vehicles, some fancier than others. But I also knew the show stopper would be when Brett Keisel arrived to camp. Last year, Keisel showed up in an orange tractor, this year he rolled up in this:


For more photos and my whole story on Keisel check out the 93.7 The Fan website

XOXO – Abbey

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A Visit To Children’s Hospital

Today I had a wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. The hospital had a special carnival today for the children to enjoy a magic show,  games, activities and a glitter tattoo station. I worked at the glitter tattoo station giving tattoos to the kids. It was great to see them flip through the book searching for the perfect tattoo and then see their eyes light up after it was finished.


The carnival had a terrific turn out and the kids were laughing and smiling the whole time with their family, friends and caregivers. I was especially thrilled to see one very special child in particular because I have been following her journey through her Facebook fan page and I have even attended one of her fundraising events. Meet Addalynne:


Addalyne is a gorgeous 5 year old from the Pittsburgh area who was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms Tumors about a year ago. Despite having to deal with more than most do in the first 5 years of their lives Addalynne always seems to have a smile on her face. She loves playing and dressing up in pretty dresses, you can see a ton of photos on her Facebook page, Prayers for Addalynne.  When I jumped on board to volunteer at the carnival just the day before, I checked Addalynne’s page to see if she would be in the hospital today and it turned out that she was actually coming in for her last series of chemo treatments.  So I brought a long some hats that I have been meaning to mail her from my organization, Hoops For Hats. As well as a bag set that my sister Laura, had left at our house for her, that she had personalized with Addalynne’s name on it. After the carnival I was able to find Addalynne and hand deliver her surprise!


Today was so special to me because it is very rare that I actually get to meet the children that I send hats to. Addalyne picked out a hat for herself and several others to pass out to her friends who she knew were also in the hospital today.  She was so excited to pick out the hats herself and wanted to wear her hat right away and carry the hats that she wanted to deliver to her friends in her new bag!


I learned so much today from interacting with all of the brave children at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and I plan to visit again soon! It is a day I will never forget!

To learn more about this gorgeous and courageous little girl check out her Facebook page Prayers for Addalynne.

To see more stories like this check out my Hoops for Hats page!

If anyone knows a child who could use a care package to cheer up their day, please contact me at

XOXO – Abbey

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The Fan Morning Show Talking Pens, Pirates and Abbey Way

Last week the Pirates wore Pens jerseys on the road to show support for Pens during the NHL Playoffs and I had the chance to catch up with some of the guys in the club house before they took off. They all got to pick which jersey they wanted to wear and some of the guys had some pretty interesting reasons for who they picked. Play the video below to hear what Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker told me in the club house and comments from The Fan Morning Show hosts on 93.7 The Fan.


Photo Credit:

Yes that is my hand holding the 93.7 The Fan microphone 🙂


Photo Credit:

Here are some interviews with a few more of the Pirates on supporting the Pens:

Brandon Inge

Jordy Mercer 

Justin Wilson

Bryan Morris



XOXO – Abbey

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