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Healthy Banana Ice Cream – Just 2 Ingredients!



This ice cream is perfect for when you are craving a mid night snack and want something healthy that will still satisfy your sweet tooth! All you need is a high power blender, frozen bananas and chocolate milk.

Blend together 3 frozen bananas until they are chopped up really small.
You will need to scrape the sides of the blender to get it to mash up all together.

Then add 1/2 a cup of chocolate milk and blend until smooth like the texture of soft serve ice cream.

Just keep scraping the sides and blending until it is all smooth.


**Optional: Top with peanuts.


XOXO – Abbey


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Motivation Monday: When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful. 

if you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful

Think about that. Remember it the next time you are working out and 3 reps away from finishing your set, thinking you are too tired and too out of breath to finish it. If you want those reps, you can have them, you just have to take them, no matter how much you think you can’t do it.

Here is some motivation for you:

XOXO – Abbey


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Friday Fitspo: Today I Will DO WHAT OTHERS WONT




Nothing comes easy. You have to put the work in if you want to be the best. It’s the stuff that nobody wants to do that sets everyone apart. But really it’s not always about being the best as long as you are better than you were yesterday. Put in the work and the results will come, promise.


XOXO – Abbey


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6 Steps to Instant Happiness

We’ve all been there. That moment when you just can’t take it anymore because you are having, you know, literally, the worst day ever! Well, I know I mostly post about healthy recipes and workouts but in case you forgot or missed it, this is my motto:

absolutely abbey photo 1st


And the whole have fun thing means BE HAPPY! Because you can’t have fun and not be happy, you just can’t. But if you are having the worst day ever, sitting in traffic, stepping in mud puddles, spilling salsa on your white shirt, whatever it is, it’s fixable. I don’t live my life being super duper happy every single day but I try my hardest to be happy. I can’t even tell you how many times my mom has said to me, “Abbey all you want to do is have fun.” Well you know what, so what if I do? I think the most important thing in life is being happy and if that means always wanting to have fun and make the most of everything, is it really such a bad thing?  Here are my secrets to instant happiness.


1. Smile

This one is easy. We all know how, even if you don’t feel like it just try! We smile because we are happy but smiling even when we aren’t can make us feel happy, it’s true! Psychological researches found compelling evidence that smiling causes people to feel happy, regardless of how they felt at first.

2. Laugh

Go online and watch some funny Youtube videos, watch your favorite comedy show or movie or call up the funniest person you know and laugh until it hurts! Laughing triggers an increase in endorphins, the brain chemicals known for their feel-good effect.  Try to belly laugh every single day, it will make you happy and you will get a little ab workout too! Laughing until you cry is my favorite tho, that’s how you know you are really, really happy.

3. Talk To Someone Who Is Happy

This goes right along with laughing. Call or talk face to face with someone who is already happy. Whether they are funny or not it will make you feel better to talk to someone who has something nice to say and help you take your mind off of whatever it is that was bothering you in the first place. Plus if you feel like you need to vent, a happy person should make a good listener and help you release some tension. And if you can’t think of anyone to talk to, just watch Grandma Betty on Instagram! She reminds me so much of my Mommom and it makes me really happy to watch her videos on Instagram!

4. Sing At The Top Of Your Lungs

This is probably my number one favorite and most effective method, especially while driving. Yup, remember that show Motor Mouth, where people were caught on secret cameras singing in their cars? Well I could easily be a Youtube sensation if I ever get caught! I do this all of the time and trust me, I can’t carry a note, at all. But who cares? Turn up your favorite 90s pop song and sing it baby! Because you know you know every single word and who doesn’t love the 90s? Whatever your jam is, just go somewhere like in your shower, your car or even have a dance party in your house all by yourself because I promise you, you will forget so fast whatever made you stressed and you will be happy in no time. But remember, unless you are Beyonce, you should probably keep it to yourself.

5. Sweat Sweat Sweat

As if I haven’t already quoted Elle Woods from Legally Blonde before, here I go again! Her advice is just so brilliant, can you blame me?

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t!” – Elle Woods

Exercising is also tied at my number one way to instant happiness. There is nothing better than just sweating away all your problems. No matter what, an all out workout will always make you feel better.

6. Focus On The Positives

OK here’s the thing, I know you could possibly be having, “the worst day ever,” again. But, there has to be something good about it. So instead of thinking about your ruined shirt, or how you are 20 minutes late and you are going to get fail your exam, be happy that you simply woke up and have another chance at having the best  day ever, even if it feels like the worst. Every single day is a gift so try and live it like it could be your last.

happiness steps

Original Photo Credit: Kassie Jackson Photography

These are just 6 things that work for me. The only other piece of advice I have is just do whatever it is that makes you happiest. For me it’s definitely basketball. I’m the happiest with a basketball in my hands and no matter how bad I’m feeling I know a good old game of basketball will make me feel better! So go after whatever “that thing” is for you and just do it!

I would love to hear what your tips to happiness are so leave a comment below or let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


XOXO – Abbey


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Pineapple Apple Smoothie

I’m long overdue on a new smoothie post!! Sorry guys I’ve just been so cold lately but it’s a beautiful day today and time to start smoothies every day again!!


This one is simply:

Frozen pineapple



Skim Milk

Plain Greek yogurt


Happy Workout Wednesday!

XOXO – Abbey


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Super Sweet Green Smoothie


Don’t let the mean green color scare you away because this green smoothie is actually super sweet!

Blend together:

Coconut Water
Frozen Banana
Handful of frozen peaches, pineapple, strawberries and mango (Or just a handful of any frozen fruit variety, I usually go for this frozen fruit combo in the frozen fruit aisle.)
1 Pack of Orange Flavor It Works Greens

Top with Chia Seeds

XOXO – Abbey


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3 Challenging Core Exercises

Doing the same old thing day after day can be boring, especially when it comes to your workouts! Plus, it’s good to challenge yourself and switch it up every once in a while, so here are 3 challenging core exercises for you to try if you feel like you need to step it up a little bit and try something new!

Go for 3 sets of 10. Go into a handstand against the wall with your hands a few inches away from the wall and try to fold your legs down as far as you can.

Go for 3 sets of 10. Just hold onto the handles of an inclined bench with your back against the bench and engage your core to bring your hips up as high as you can and repeat.

Go for 3 sets of 10. Start in a pushup/plank position with your feet against a wall and begin to walk your hands towards the wall and keep moving your feet up until your stomach touches the wall. This one is great for becoming stronger at handstands and hand walks away from a wall. Then walk yourself back out the the starting plank position and repeat.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see more of on here!

XOXO – Abbey


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Avocado Smoothie



Mmmmm there is nothing like the taste of avocado. We love it in our guacamole, on toast and in salads so why not in a smoothie? So rich and creamy, you can’t go wrong!

Blend together:

1 Avocado
1/2 Frozen Banana
1/2 Cup Frozen Mango
1/2 Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
1 1/2 Cup Coconut Water

Top with honey

**If you don’t have frozen banana/mango just add ice with fresh fruit to give it that icy smooth texture.

XOXO – Abbey


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10 Reasons Women Should Lift


I hear it all the time from girl friends, I don’t wan’t to lift because I will look like a man, I’ll gain weight and it’s dangerous….blah, blah, blah. It’s not true. And here are 10 reasons why women should be in the gym lifting heavy stuff.

1. Burns More Fat

Strength training allows your body to burn fat not only during exercise but after you are done lifting as well. After an intense strength training session your body continues to consume additional oxygen for hours and even days after your workout, also known as post-exercise oxygen consumption. A study from the University of Alabama in Birmingham showed that dieters who lifted heavy weights lost the same amount of weight as dieters who did just cardio, but the dieters who lifted weights lost more fat. In fact, the dieters who did just cardio, lost a lot of muscle. Why would anyone want to LOSE muscle? (See reason 2.)

2.  More Muscle = More Calories Burned

1 pound of muscle burns seven to 10 calories per day, while 1 pound of fat burns only 2 to 3 calories, according to the American Council on Exercise. This may not sound like a lot but if you think about it, it adds up over time, especially if you put on more than just one pound of muscle. The more muscle you have the more you increase your resting metabolic rate, which is the amount of energy you need to stay alive while your body is at rest. This is why you are able to burn calories even while you sleep.

IMG_2830 (2)

3.  Increases Bone Health

It’s no secret that post-menopausal women have a significant risk for Osteoporosis because their bodies stop secreting estrogen. Studies found that women who weight train can decrease their risks, and the sooner you start, the better your chances are of maintaining bone health later in life. According to a study at McMaster University, postmenopausal women increased spinal bone mass by 9 percent after one year of weight training.

4.  Builds Strength

Lifting lighter weights for more reps is great, but instead of increasing your strength, it will improve muscle endurance. The key to getting stronger is putting more weight on the bar. After a few weeks of lifting and increasing your weights, you will be amazed at how much stronger you become over time.   There will be no more having to call your boyfriend to open up the pickle jar.


5. It’s Empowering

This goes along with the pickle jar situation. Don’t you want to be able to do things on your own that people think you aren’t capable of just because you are a girl? There is something about saying,”No sir, I don’t need help carrying this giant heavy box to my car,” that just makes you feel good. Or just simply knowing you can squat more than a typical 18-year old boy. Lifting does more than just improve your physical appearance it can be a huge self-esteem booster as well. In addition weight lifting is the type of exercise format where you can actually see results and watching your numbers go up week after week is a rewarding feeling as well.

6.Creates Hot Bodies

The idea that lifting will make you look like a guy is just silly. Unless you are taking anabolic steroids, trust me girl, you are never going to get huge. When you just do cardio, you lose weight in the form of both fat and muscle tissue but strength training can hep you create those feminine curves and toned muscles by adding strong muscle and losing fat. Yes, it’s true you may get to the point where you gain weight after you have slimmed down to a point where you have very little body fat and are primarily adding muscle mass. But, there are plenty of before and after photos out there where you can see that the number on the scale does not matter.  For example, a 135 pound girl can look significantly smaller than she did when she weighed 10 pounds lighter. Think about it, what would you rather be, 150 pounds of fat or 150 pounds of muscle? The number on the scale can be deceiving.

7. Helps You Lose The Belly Pooch

Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? Pumping iron can help you blast the belly fat which is a problem area for a lot of women. According to a study from the University of Alabama, women who lifted weights lost more intra-abdominal fat than those who just did cardio.

8. Prevents Injury

Another fear I hear often from friends who are scared of lifting weights is, the fear of getting injured. Weight lifting like any other skill or sport requires technique and correct form to achieve desired results. As long as you are using correct form and a weight that you are comfortable with, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, weight lifting actually helps prevent injury by building the muscles around joints which helps you maintain a strong frame. If you are new to weight lifting, be sure to consult a doctor before you begin, seek the help of a trainer and/or watch instructional videos online to ensure you are using correct form.

9. Improves Heart Health 

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women today and lifting weights can help prevent it. A study in the journal of Strength and Conditioning found that those who lift weights are less likely to have heart disease risk factors such as a large waist circumference, elevated blood pressure and and glucose levels.

10. Stress Relief 

Let’s face it, everyone has stress at least every once in a while. Some suffer from it daily. Stress is no joke and it can cause your cells to age faster leading to lower immunity levels and diseases. But did you know exercise, including weight lifting, can reduce stress levels? Scientists at the University of California San Francisco reported in May 2010 that as little as 42 minutes of exercise over three days could protect cells from premature aging.


When I think about stress and exercise my mind goes right to this quote from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde:

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. – Elle Woods

So true, we can always rely on Elle Woods for great advice! But seriously ladies, don’t be afraid to get in the gym and move around some heavy weights. It may seem intimidating and the non-cardio side of the gym may be over run by dudes, but don’t be scared because you deserve to be in there just as much as they do! And I’m not saying throw your cardio out the window but what I am suggesting is that you add weight training into your workout routine. I can tell you from experience, you will feel a lot better if you just give it a chance and you will like the changes in your body.

Maybe it’s just me but I think this me:

Absolutely Abbey Edited Photos

Looks a lot better than this me:

Absolutely Abbey Edited Photos1

Obviously these are photos of me pole vaulting, but I don’t just see a stronger and faster athlete but I also see a girl that looks a lot healthier. There is such thing as being too skinny and in high school before I really started lifting heavier weights and paying more attention to my diet, I was definitely too skinny. Not only did getting into resistance training make me a better athlete but it made me a healthier person.

I would love to hear what you think about this and if you have any other benefits of weight lifting you have experienced that I did not mention. So feel free to leave a comment on here or on my Facebook page or Twitter!

XOXO – Abbey


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*****I am not a doctor. This is all based on research, studies and personal experience. Please consult a doctor before beginning a weight training program.*****

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Workout Wednesday: Stand Up Paddle Boarding


A few months ago I took a mini vacation to Florida to see my sister play basketball and I was lucky enough to stay at a friend’s house who lives right on the water and he introduced me to stand up paddle boarding. It was not only a fabulous workout but an instant obsession as well.


Obviously we aren’t all lucky enough to live by the ocean but for those of you who are you should definitely get into stand up paddle boarding. And if you don’t live by the ocean this is a must do activity on your next beach vacation!


It works muscles that you didn’t even realize you had because you are doing a movement you don’t typically do. Specifically it targets your arms and your core because of the rowing movement and twisting. But it also requires some balance so it works your legs as well.


If you are thinking this looks way too hard for you, think again! It’s actually really easy to pick up and learn within minutes. The board is long and fairly wide so it’s not that difficult to move around on. Hey, if  my 50+ year-old parents can do it, so can you!

Visit To Florida November 2013

And if you do get the hang of it and want an extra challenge try doing a plank hold on the board or some over head squats…I tried, and fell in! But falling in the water always makes water sports more fun, right?

Moldiv_1390415612633 (1)

Has anyone else ever tried this? I would love to hear your stories! And if you are planning a beach vacation soon, definitely put this on your to do list! In addition to stand up paddle boarding being a fun and social activity it’s also a great workout!



XOXO – Abbey


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