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Nail Stickers: An Easy Option!

Have you tried nail stickers yet? I love them, especially when I’m in a hurry! It’s an easy, no mess solution that you can apply on the go. Actually, both times that I have used them, I applied them in the car on the way to events. I was the passenger of course! I found mine at Dollar General for only $3. I have been so pleased with “Kiss Nail Dress” that I haven’t even tried a more expensive brand.

They are so easy to use! You just stick them on and then use a nail file to remove the extra sticker on the ends. Which is awesome for someone like me, because I am horrible at painting my nails! This week I had on the leopard print style that is in the photo below and I got a ton of compliments! Mine have stayed on about a week and they come with extras in the pack so you can swap out any stickers that need changed sooner.

If you can’t find the Kiss brand you could also try Sally Hansen Sallon Effects which is sold at Walmart for $8.50.

XOXO — Abbey


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