Fail Harder

Fail harder.

Seriously, fail harder.

If you never fail, then you are never going to get better. Most people are so worried about failing that they are actually holding themselves back. If you never fail when you practice then you will never get better. In order to improve you have to push your limits over and over and part of that process if failing.

When you fail you are making yourself better. Eventually, whatever it is that you are so scared of will suddenly seem easy. And it’s not because it becomes easier instead it’s because you got better.

Fail and then fail again. Get back up. Learn from your mistakes and try again.

Don’t believe me? Just watch some of my funniest fails that I caught on camera. I promise you that I’ve learned from every single one of them.

Fail Harder Friday? I've said this a million times especially to kids I give basketball lessons to… It's OK to FAIL! If you aren't failing when you practice then you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. AND 👉👉👉NOBODY IS PERFECT SO STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO PEOPLE ONLINE!👈👈👈 If you think even the best of the best never do silly things like bounce a basketball off their toe or loose their balance or just simply trip over their own feet… You are so wrong. So for your Friday entertainment here are just a FEW of my MANY funny fails that I've caught on video! 😂 Don't take life so seriously. If you get knocked down just get up again! ✌💙💪😉 Train Dirty. Eat Clean. Have Fun. Fail Harder. #iam1stphorm #Neversettle #Fitspo #FailHarder 🎵Chumbawamba – 'Tubthumping' ?🎵 👉👉Tag a friend who needs to hear this!👈👈

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Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try. 

XOXO – Abbey

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